Wedding Wishes Poem

It's your special day, so enjoy it in every way. Have fun and make memories you won't soon forget

Wishing you a lifetime of joy, love and happiness. Have a beautiful wedding day.

Wishing you every joyous moment of this special day. May all your dreams come true

Wishing a world of love, success and contentment to you both on your special day

Lots of love and happiness as you start your new life together

As you join together on your special day, may your love keep growing strong in the years to come

Here's to you both and your beautiful marriage. Wishing you all the best on your wedding day

A marriage of two hearts, united in love. Wishing you the very best as your lives become entwined

May your wedding day be filled with sweet memories that will last you a lifetime

A wonderful wedding day and a lifetime of joy and happiness. Best wishes to you both for a long and happy marriage

To the Loving Bride and Groom Today, Your devotion and commitment, so true, Makes us so happy, oh what joy, Your Love you shall always renew. A bright future of happiness lies ahead, With a marriage built on so much love, Kindness, consideration, and always respect, A bond that is sent from above. Look to each other for strength and support, Laughter shared when life gets tough, Friendships and family who are here today, To witness the couples’ Love, gentle and true. May the life of the loving couples become enriched today, Their companionship so sweet shall remain, For a long lasting Love together expressed, A Love so strong, no one can explain. Marrying today are two lives and two names, A Love that shall never end, so thankful, As a sign of respect, and to show our support, Family and Friends are here to attend. To the Bride and Groom send our Love, Life has handed you the sweetest gift, May each of your days contain joy and delight, Forever Together, a new journey you take a lift. On this special day of your wedding, May all your dreams come true, Long may you live, smile and laugh, This is my wish for you. Let this be your most special day, Where joy fills the air, On this wonderful bond you’ve created, Your Love, so strong and rare. Let your marriage remain peaceful and profound, And your home a tranquil setting, And may your lives be forever filled, With new joyous moments, always rising. A wish to the happy couple who married today, Your joyous love, insurmountable in its strength, Give you both pleasure in all that life shares, We wish you both the very best.