Wedding Wishes In Islam

May Allah bless the newly wedded couple with a beautiful home and a happy and peaceful life

May Allah shower the couple with His unconditional love and mercy

May Allah increase the faith and devotion of the couple in each other

May Allah bless the married couple with abundant wealth and health

May Allah bless the married couple with righteous children

May Allah protect the couple from all possibilities of discord and malice

May Allah throw His grace of generosity to the couple

May Allah grant the couple a long and prosperous married life

May Allah bestow the couple with His guidance and wisdom to lead a righteous married life

May Allah provide the couple with the honour and respect they both deserve

May Allah grant you a joyous and blessed union, and make your love and commitment eternally intertwined.

May Allah protect you both from harm and heartache, that you may build your future together upon a foundation of faith and mutual understanding.

May Allah grant you the ability to appreciate and respect each other differences, and the wisdom to learn from your mistakes.

May Allah bless your marriage with five characteristics of Jannah: Jannatul Faydha (Lasting Joy and Contentment), Jannatul Adan (Harmony and Bliss), Jannatul Azawaj (Love and Compassion), Jannatul Ridhwan (A Favor from Allah), and Jannatul Ma’wa (Eternal Peace and Tranquility).

May Allah grant you both patience and perseverance so that you may enjoy a fruitful and meaningful marriage.

May Allah keep you both steadfast upon His path and strengthen your bond with the Qur’an and Hadith.

May Allah bestow upon you both a peaceful and blessed home and the proper observance of mutual rights and dealing justly with one another.

May the blessings of Allah be upon you both, and always remember the du’as for a successful and pious marriage.

May Allah give you both supportive and forgiving spirit and the strength to face any obstacles that come your way through the trial of marriage.

May the Almighty grant you both a long life of contentment and love, and to have Khair and Barakah (blessings) in all that you do.

May Allah make this couple's marriage last forever in abundance and joy and give them the chance to grow in Islamic knowledge and practice together forever.

We pray to Allah that He bless them with a beautiful, serene, and peaceful family life and grant long lasting love and trust between them.

Let Allah be the center of this marriage and let every action be blessed with His mercy and forgiveness.

May the love and bond of this union stay strong before Allah and may their family remain together in joy and peace.

We pray that this couple find fulfilment in their Islamic marriage and that their path of love and faith be long and winding.

May Allah grant this couple knowledge to help understand and better practice their faith and guide them closer to Him in theriz marriage.

Let Allah give them strength to navigate the ups and downs of life, and to weather the storms, so that their bond with each other will remain unshakable.

Let Allah bring tangible joy into their marriage and help them raise children in the guidance of Islamic teachings so that the family will be blessed.

May Allah guide this couple on the right path and bring love and blessings into their home at all times.

Let this be a union that Allah looks upon with favour and spreads His blessings upon this family forever.