Wedding Wishes Funny

May your love last longer than a Hollywood marriage!

May the love you have endured together only grow stronger with each passing day!

May your love have the strength to survive any bumps in the road!

May you love each other so much even in-laws are jealous!

Here’s to a 50th anniversary that will make you look back and just laugh about all you have endured together over the years!

May you have the budget of a millionaire and the patience of a saint!

May the happiest moments of your married life be just as satisfying as the best slice of wedding cake!

May your married life be filled with even more joy and loving moments than your wedding and honeymoon!

May the harmonious love between you two live long, and your patience with each other be even longer!

It may be hard to always stay in love, so be sure to protect your marriage with daily doses of hugs, kisses, and loving words!

Congratulations, we wish you a lifetime of love and laughter! Here's hoping every day brings special moments of joy and surprise, and that you savor all of your marriage's beautiful memories. May your special day give you all the happiness and love you deserve!

We hope you two never forget the fact that you are the most important thing to each other! Congrats on your wedding day. May you enjoy every moment of it. Wishing you the love of a lifetime!

Our warmest congratulations to the new bride and groom. Having known the both of you, it’s easy to see why you two are so perfect for each other. May the wonderful memories of today last forever and ever!

Take all the love that you share and build your future together! We’re absolutely delighted to be included in such a special celebration. Wishing you a world of love and joy, now and forever!

To a very special new couple: may your journey of life together be blessed with love, joy, happiness, and perfect health. May your days be filled with all the sunshine that makes a perfect marriage. Congratulations!

Cheers to the lovely couple and their incredible journey of love! We’re wishing you the very best, and know nothing but love and joy awaits the two of you. Congrats and all the best!

Raise a glass to the special couple of the day! Wishing you many years of joy, peace, love and laughter. May your days be filled with nothing but happiness and love, now and always!

You two are the definition of true love! We’re so happy for the two of you and your exciting life ahead. Congrats on your big day, and may it be the first of many amazing days to come.

Falling in love is truly a beautiful thing. Congratulations on such an amazing occasion! May all of the love you share today be a reminder of the love you will share forever. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

On your wedding day and always, may sunshine, love, and joy follow the two of you. Best wishes to the happy couple on your special day. Congratulations!