Wedding Wishes For Parents

We wish you a happily-ever-after as you celebrate your union! May tonight be the start of a beautiful journey in your married life.

May your eternity together brim with joy, love, bliss, and laughter! Wishing you all the best on this special day!

Congratulations on your wedding! We could not think of a more perfect match than the two of you, and we wish your lives will be filled with eternal joy and happiness.

May your marriage be as strong and steady as a rock, and your love for each other be as Endless and Concrete as the walls of a building!

As you stand together to say 'I do', we wish for you a love as strong and never-ending as the ocean! Congratulations!

Together, you share a beautiful and wonderful life and we wish you many more years of joy and happiness!

On this joyous day, may you be blessed with an infinite source of love, energy, and understanding for each other!

We are so happy to witness your wedding and we wish you continue to find joy and happiness in each other through this endless journey together!

As you become one today, may your bond deepen and become more beautiful every sunrise and even after the sunset! Congratulations!

As you start this beautiful journey, may the love that binds you continue to bring you more beauty and bliss through the years! Congratulations!

Wishing you both a lifetime of love, joy, and companionship on your wedding day and may it be the beginning of a beautiful life together. Congratulations on this special celebrations of two hearts becoming one! May your life together be blessed with all the joys of life and love. May you continue to be an example of what true love is and inspire couples around you. Congratulations & best wishes!

Here's wishing you a lifetime full of all the little things that make life grand. Wishing you never ending love, companionship and joy as you start this new chapter of your life together. May your marriage be blessed with all the things that create a life full of love and contentment. Congratulations!

We celebrate your love and commitment to each other on this special day, and always. Wishing you a beautiful future together filled with joy, laughter, and joyous memories. May you grow in your love and all aspects of life together, and strengthen your relationship and lives in every way. Congratulations on this special day of your lives!

As you begin this day of holy matrimony, may the blessings of this beloved covenant abound in your lives. I pray that you both experience the height and depths of an everlasting and abiding love. And may your marriage be a transcendent dedication of the beauty and joy of love. Congratulations!

Twin souls joined in love and in life. You two are such an incredible example of the beauty of true love. Today is such a special day of joy that celebrates the strength of your incredible bond. I pray that your journey together is filled with safety, joy and never-ending love. Wishing you a life of absolute bliss on this special day! Congratulations!

As you join in the covenant of marriage this day, may your love always be a living thing that grows ever fuller and richer with the passing of years. May you learn, forgive, laugh, build, hope, and cherish one another as you embark on this marriage journey together! Congratulations!

Today, you are both taking a sacred vow of unconditional love and devotion to one another. May your lives be constantly blessed with love and full of laughter, and may you battle the storms of life with strength and courage. May your home, marriage and lives be full of unconditional love and mutual respect and admiration. Congratulations!

A beautiful union - one heart, two souls. This special day marks the start of a new beautiful chapter of your lives together as you take this sacred vow to honor, cherish, and love each other unconditionally. Wishing you the very best of joyous days and may your love together be stronger than the toughest challenges the world can throw at you. Congratulations!

It's a great joy to witness you both join your lives together, celebrating your love and devotion to one another. As you say your wedding vows today may you find strength to support each other through life's storms and never forget the beauty of your love. Congratulations on finding your happily ever after!

It's a beautiful thing to witness two loving hearts unite on this special day. May your marriage be surrounded by feelings of joy, laughter and peace. Congratulations on getting hitched! May your lives stay ever blessed and may your marriage last through simpler and better times alike. Wishing you both a lifetime of togetherness and many blessings!