Wedding Wishes Examples

Wishing you two a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness on your wedding day and always.

May the love and fondness that the two of you share stay forever in your hearts. All the best for your wedding!

As you begin your journey as husband and wife, my wish for you is a lifetime of blessings, fun, and everlasting love!

Congratulations on your wedding day! Your relationship is one full of joy and happiness, and I wish you two all the best!

Hope your wedding day is full of magical moments that you can look back on and cherish forever. Wishing you all the happiness in your new life together!

A single kiss on your wedding day may seem small but it carries so much love and tenderness. Wishing you the best as you begin your new journey together.

A beautiful relationship deserves a wonderful start. May your wedding be a day full of laughter, joy, and everlasting commitment to each other.

Congratulations on your wedding day! I hope your future is full of beautiful, happy moments and your love for each other continues to grow with time.

Wishing you both an eternity of peace, love, joy, and happiness in your newly married life. May your wedding be as unforgettable as your love for each other!

Your wedding is sure to be one to remember full of wonderful moments. Wishing you both a lifetime of joy, love, and happiness on this special day!

May this special day fill your hearts with joy and your home with love and laughter.

May the years ahead be filled with eternal happiness and unconditional love.

May you have a long life enjoy every moment of it together.

May you never take each other for granted, but always remember the love that brought you together.

Wishing you both the best as you embark on this journey of love, commitment and companionship. May you always stay in love.

A truly blessed day for a truly blessed couple. May you always find reasons to smile and laughter to fill your days.

Wishing you a beautiful beginning to your happily ever after. May you grow in love and cherish every memory you make together.

On your special day and for every day to come, may you find joy in the simple things and strength in each other's arms.

As two hearts become one, may your days be filled with love and understanding and may all your dreams come true together.

On this joyous day, as two families come together, may the love that you share now always remain the foundation of your life together.

We are so honored to be part of your wedding day! May this day be as special as you two have always dreamed it would be. May you two fill the world with your never-ending love and your song of joy. This is your beginning and the start of an extraordinary life filled with great beauty and joy. May each morning of your marriage bring forth new reasons to celebrate your enduring and loyal love. May every moment of your journey together be filled with love, laughter and friendship. May your marriage be blessed with strong companionship and overflowing with tenderness and respect for each other. Cheers to the beautiful couple who have decided to share the rest of their beautiful lives together, may this day bring you tremendous joy and never-ending love in the years to come. Wishing you both all the blessings and happiness of a beautiful marriage that lasts for a lifetime. You both deserve the very best of everything that life has to offer.

On your special day, we are happy to wish you both a lifetime of joy, love and adventure. As your lives blend together, may it bring you a future full of love, understanding, and companionship. Congratulations on this special day as you take the journey into married life! We wish you only the best on this incredible day and may you have a beautiful life of laughter, love and joy. May your union bring you closer each and every day. You both have been blessed with incredible hearts. May you make beautiful memories together that you can look back on and smile. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and joy on your wedding day!

We are so excited for you as you embark on this new journey together! May today be an unforgettable and amazing start to your life together. Your marriage is surely blessed and will be an incredible journey of love and hope. We wished for you two an everlasting bond of friendship, admiration and never-ending love. May your shared commitment create a strong bond of warmth and understanding. On this special day, may every decision be guided by love and compassion. Hold on to each other, no matter what happens, as your love will always be your strength. With all our heart we wish nothing but the best for you both on your wedding day!

We are so overjoyed to be sharing this special day with you both! May your commitment to each other show the world the strength and beauty of true love. On your special day, may you be surrounded with nothing but love and joy from the people around you. Together, may your hearts be bound in a lifelong journey of unconditional love and happiness. May the love you have for each other bring forth a beautiful life of trust and understanding. We wish you both all the joy and success of a life of togetherness. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Today is such a special and beautiful day as you two join together as one. We pray for your union to be filled with an abundance of love, happiness and commitment. May each day be a new journey of joy and discover as you two explore the depths of your never-ending love. May each and every second of every day be filled with the most wonderful moments of joy and peace. May there never be a dull moment in your lives as you both celebrate your love to the fullest. As you two embark on this amazing journey, may you experience nothing but love and fulfilment. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

We are so happy for you two as you begin your journey together in marriage. May your love for each other lead to a lifetime of peace and joy. May all the smiles and tears you share translate into a beautiful story of your life-long love. On this beautiful day, may each moment be a reminder of the strong bond of love you both share. May your commitment be the best blessing you receive today. May you never lose sight of your mutual love and respect as you both soar ever higher in your relationship. Wishing you both nothing but the best in life and marriage today!

Congratulations to the happy couple! May each shared moment of today be filled with the most wonderful feeling of love and appreciation. On this special day, may your love bind you together as one and bring an unforgettable bond of understanding. May you continue to support and encourage each other to reach all your dreams and hopes in life. May every day bring you closer together as you enter into the adventure of marriage. We love you both and are so excited to see what your lives together will bring. Congratulations and cheers to the beautiful couple!

Congratulations on this special day! As you two begin this wonderful journey, may your life together be filled with joy, understanding and prosperity. On your wedding day, we wish you everlasting love and full of trust. May your every decision be guided by love and compassion. May you stay dedicated and devoted to each other in both good times and bad. As you two embark on this beautiful journey together, may your relationship be blessed with a lifetime of joy and togetherness. Best wishes to you both!

Cheers to the beautiful newlyweds! We congratulations you both on this special day. May the strong love that you both share bring you two a lifetime of memories and joy. May you both continue to feel the same enthusiasm and love that you do today throughout your married life. As you both travel together through life, may you stay connected to each other in spirit and strength. May your shared moments be full of love and laughter and always cherish each other. Congratulations to the happy couple!

We are so excited for you two as you two start the rest of your life together. On this special day we wish for nothing but the best for you both. May your love bring forth an everlasting bond of happiness and joy. As you embark on this stunning journey of marriage, may our love and support be a reminder of the special bond you share. Congratulations on your big day and may your marriage always be filled of hope, joy and positivity. May you have a wonderful day and life together!