Religious Wedding Wishes

May the Lord bless you on your wedding day with happiness, love, and joy now and throughout your marriage.

May your wedding day be infused with all the stories of love and grace that make you so special as a couple.

On this day may you remember the grace and beauty of the Lord and the sacredness of the vows that you are taking.

May you find a lifelong companion in each other to encourage, support, forgive, and most of all love.

Today marks the beginning of your lifelong story together and God will be your guide. May He bless your marriage.

As you join your lives together and make these wedding vows, may God's holy presence be with you through all of your days.

May the Lord watch over you and fill your years ahead with much joy. Wishing you blessings on your special day.

We congratulate you on this special day and pray the Lord will bless you with long-lasting love and happiness.

May your wedding day be filled with lyric and grace, filling your hearts with joy and the Lord's loving embrace.

Our hearts are so filled with joy for the two of you who have found each other's love. May God bless you both on your wedding day!

May the Almighty Lord bless you two with a long life of shared faith and togetherness. May your marriage be filled with His divine guidance and joy.

May God grant you both the grace to nurture your love for one another, true to the scripture and His will. May no adversity ever be strong enough to assuage the flame of your quenchless love.

May the Lord give your love the wings to soar higher and higher each day, and touch greater heights of levity and serenity. May He bless your marriage with abundance of faith and joy.

We offer our prayers to the Almighty God for a happily married life to both of you. We strongly wish and pray that your union will be strong and prosperous, as the Lord fills your home with love and harmony.

May the presence of the Lord be like a pillar of strength that constantly guides you both in wisdom. May He keep your love inseparable, true to His own words and commandments.

We offer our prayers to the Lord for your married life to be blessed with His divine love and guidance. May He open the door of happiness and prosperity with His blessings.

May there be ample of blessings from the Almighty God for this beautiful union. May He shower everlasting love, faith and friendship on your relationship and your life.

We pray to the Lord for the best of the good fortunes and joy to flow into your ineffable love. May He help you both in every step of your life.

It is our earnest prayer to the Lord that this marriage be filled with bountiful happiness and gladness that’s rooted in His divine will. May His grace and guidance illuminate your marriage.

Blessed be this union by the Lord, so that your love springs eternal throughout your lives. We firmly believe that both of you, in His blessing and grace, will attain great success and joy.