Funny Wedding Wishes Poems

On the sweet day two hearts becoming one, It's a giggle-filled occasion of joy for everyone. Cheering on your love, may peace, bliss and laughter stay, What better reason to party and share the day

Funny is the heart of a married eternity, A whimsical twist of events that will ever be. Your love was meant to last, 'til the end of time, This is no time to stop having fun, it's just another rhyme

A hearty congratulations and warm wishes to thee, A lasting bond of marriage has sealed off perfectly. Good luck and joy my friend, may your future be grand, A well-timed joke makes even more wonderful the band

Take a honeymoon to a ski resort, But get back home before the court Your love was there from the start, It's your union that lets this joke depart

A blessed day of family and friends, Ceremony, food and even a zen. Love brews well on a marvelous night, Let's all have a laugh forever more, alright?

As two become one may you laugh and smile, The love that you share will last quite a while. A special day of newlyweds joy, Tear no tears, but bring in theу а toy

Amidst the chaos and happy moments, Let us not forget to add in some jokes. You lightened up our days before now, On your big day we raise a vow

We whisper a silent wisdom while in church, By the altar be happy and never lurch. Let the holy ties remain till always, May you hаve lots of laughter on your days

The long and winding road of love has brought you here, So celebrate your day with mirth and cheer. Every aspect of your union is certain to thrive, With a punchline to make your day alive

Your union is blessed beyond belief, Laugh, kiss, and hug in your funny relief. Ready for the world with fresh bride and groom, Now a life full of wit awaits your groom!

I give you cheers and send best wishes for you two, may you both live a life of bliss in a beautiful view

You make a nice couple just like electricity and water, make sure to not play pranks on each other like a daughter and father

There's no denying your love for each other, you really make for a sweet mixture like sugar and butter

The weather's clear and the skies are blue, so let me say to you both, congratulations to you!

You two fit together like a key and lock, love each other no matter what with your heart and soul

May you be blessed with laughter and joy for times to come, may you be able to still see your love even when the sun is gone

Everything now is plain to see, that you two were destined to be, so let us now shout from A to Z, best wishes for you and yours!

You have made it official, from straw to diamond your love shone crystal, so wishing you a marriage made of Joy, and not for you to spend a penny to employ!

Today is a day that you two will remember for the rest of your lives, so I'm sending wish of laughter which will come from the honeymoon hives

Love is like a multi-coloured kite, it soars through sky day and night, wishing you two moments to cling, together flying through seasons of Spring