Romantic Wishes For Girlfriend

May you have a lifetime of joy and love that is filled with passion and excitement

May life's blessings shower you with sunshine and rainbows, and all that your heart desires

May the rest of your life be filled with romantic and tender moments that make you feel like the most special person in the world

May your love be nurtured with patience, understanding and true commitment

On this special day, I wish you endless laughter and joy, a life filled with pure romance and lasting memories

If I could have one wish it would be to never be apart, to share every moment together, wrapped in each others hearts

I wish you a love that is pure and true, a never ending story that will stay beautiful and young

I wish you a life filled with beautiful surprises, that delight you and bring you much joy

I wish you moments of contentment, calm and peace, that give strength to continue your life's journey

I wish you the kind of love that never ends, and that all your dreams and wishes come true

I wish you a day filled with love, joy and sunshine that make you feel as beautiful as you truly are.

May you receive all the love, happiness and success you deserve and have a wonderful day filled with peace and joy.

Today, I wish that our love will continue to grow stronger and deeper each day.

May you find comfort and security in my love for you, and may you always feel loved and cherished.

I wish that every blessing imaginable will come your way and that you will have a lifetime of love and joy.

I wish you a day of peace, joy and laughter, when all human troubles melt away and you turn to me with all the love inside your heart.

I wish you faith to hold onto in times of adversity and joy to share in times of happiness.

As I look into your eyes, I wish that all of your dreams come true and that life bring you all that you wish for.

May your heart be filled with love, both given and received, and I wish you a day of unconditional love.

My love for you is endless and I wish that you will always feel my love radiating around you each and every day.

I wish us always living in a romantic bubble, I’ll always make sure you never pop it! You are my perfect prince and this is my fairytale come true because my dreams all revolve around you and I can never stop loving you.

My love for you will never sway, through happiness and sadness, sunshine and rain. We'll face it together, so don't lose heart. I wish we never ever have to part.

Your beauty constantly dazzles me. You are like a rose, in the beauty of night. You are the light, to chase away the fright. Growing for me, in this beautiful garden of love, you will always be the one I'm thinking of

My world doesn't make sense, if you are not visible to me. I keep asking myself, what did I do to be so lucky, to get you as my love so perfectly. I never get tired of expressing my love for you, and I will never will, in our lifetime and beyond.

You are the one I want to be with forever. Our hearts are intertwined and we are inseparable. With you, there is no fun as great as being together. I wish always to share every moment and experience together.

Every day that I wake up and look into your eyes, my love for you gets higher and higher and there seems to be no limit in sight. I love you more than ever and I wish for us to continually love each other as long as the stars shine in the night sky.

I will always be there for you, no matter what storms may come. You are the light that guides me away from the dark. You are the only one for me, and there is nothing I can ever do without you. I love you and I wish for us to be together forever.

When I wake up each morning and take a breath, the sweetness of your beauty hasn't left. You make me feel so alive in every way possible and I wish for us to stay happy together for our entire lifetimes.

You bring a smile to my face and warmth deep in my soul. I will never forget the love we share and the fundamental joy that comes from being together. I wish that greatness of our connection never fades away. From now until the stars break apart, I will love you.

I wish us to experience the joys of life together. We'll have our moments of sadness, but through it all, I'll love you in the way I have since our first kiss. Together, we'll create a beautiful life and fulfill all dreams we have.