Fde-131 Romantic Wishes Ftd

Here's to hoping that we get to experience a lifetime of togetherness and happiness.

Wishing you I could be there with you to shower you with kisses and hugs.

May our marriage be blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of our lives.

Here's to the two of us, and all of the wonderful memories and adventures that await us.

Sending all my love and warmth your way and wishing you a beautiful day of joy and happiness.

I thank God every day for sending you into my life, and for the blessing that is our love.

May our days filled with love, our nights filled with passion, and our future be blessed with joy and contentment.

I look forward to all the sunrises and sunsets that we will share together and to all the adventures we will have.

May we continue to be each other’s rock, always chasing and staying true to our dreams.

I thank the universe for blessing me with a partner as wonderful and thoughtful as you.

I wish that each star in the night sky could represent the love I have for you, so that it's clear for us both to see how much my love for you reaches for the stars and beyond.

I wish for a lifetime with you by my side, full of laughter, love, and understanding. I wish for you to understand me as much as I understand you, and for us to never be afraid to share our secrets and dreams with one another.

I wish for us to never have any doubts about our relationship, to always trust one another and be able to put our differences aside when we disagree. I wish to always put our love above all else, even when it gets hard.

I wish for us to stay close no matter what, always being best friends and surprising each other with dates and love letters. I wish for us to never feel bored or tired of one another, for us to never forget how our love started and why we fell for each other.

I wish to be able to control my feelings for you, to be able to make sure you never go to bed mad or feeling unloved. I wish for us to never take each other for granted and to always strive to make our relationship the best it can possibly be, to go the extra mile for one another.

I wish for us to experience all life has to offer and to always remain open to new experiences. I want us to travel, to explore and learn from each other, to maintain our strong foundation and to turn a simple life into the most beautiful adventure.

I wish for us to never forget to thank each other; I want us to never forget how our little things make the other one happy, and I wish for us to never stop trying to make each other happy even when it seems hopeless.

I wish for us to be blessed with years and years of happiness, understanding, and love. I wish for there to never be an end to us, no matter what comes our way, and for us to be strong enough to make it through just about anything.

I wish for us to stay in love with each other as if it was our first day, to always keep that spark alive and to share amazing memories with one another. I wish that no day would ever go by without us both believing that we are meant to be together.

I wish for us to have full and honest conversations, to be able to truly listen to each other and to be able to hear each others worries. I want us to be able to show how much we care with just a few words but mostly with actions.

May the light of love and laughter of our life together shine brighter than a million stars.

May every sunrise bring us sweet surprises and every sunset magical moments we can share together.

May our love keep us strong through every challenge life sends our way.

May there always be a rainbow of happiness over our life stewarded by the kind gods of love.

May I be your rock when your faith is shaken. May you be my lighthouse when the darkness of sorrow cloaks my mind.

May we be blessed with endless love and abundance of good things in life.

May every moment of our life be filled with laughter and joy and may we never lose our spark of youth!

May our love continue to bloom and grow until our last breath and remain within our hearts forever.

May we forever keep the romance alive and use this union as an opportunity to experience the true happiness of committed relationships.

May we bring out the best in each other and use this opportunity to learn and grow as a pair.