3 Romantic Wishes

I wish that our love could sail away together to explore unchartered coasts of passion and romance.

I wish that we could spend each and every night together, wrapped up in each other’s embrace for eternity.

I wish that our journey into love and companionship would never end.

I wish that our love could be the source for all of our smiles.

I wish that we could travel together to all of the world’s most romantic destinations.

I wish that we could take time out of every day to be with each other and to challenge each other with love.

I wish that we could explore each other’s minds, hearts, and souls and find joy in the many layers of our feelings.

I wish that we could unfold all of the secrets of our love and watch them bloom and blossom into something even more beautiful.

I wish that our love could be the inspiration for both of us to follow our dreams together and to conquer the unknown.

I wish that we could be the source for each other’s greatest joys and deepest desires.

I wish to spend the rest of my life holding your hand, sharing physical and emotional binary stars that sparkle and shine with an intensity that knows no bounds and transcends to the deepest parts of our souls. A love that is strong and everlasting, that never fades or dims, no matter how much time passes by.

I wish for an eternity of passionate kisses, where your soft lips can blossom against mine, sending surges of electricity and warmth through me that can never be replicated and can never be broken.

I wish to be with you through all the transitions of life, as our paths entwine and our stories intercross. I want to hear all your highs and share all your lows so I have the privilege of caring and being cared for by you, experiencing each of your emotions as if they were my own.

I wish to forever look in your eyes, cherishing all that is inside your deepest thoughts and desires. I wish to be able to express with merely a glance all that I feel inside, the love that is so powerful and deep that it takes over my every fiber when I am near you.

I wish for a bond of sacred trust and understanding between us, where all secrets and feelings can be brought to the forefront and the fullness of real life is enjoyed. A bond that surpasses all barriers and penetrates into the spheres of spiritual connection.

I wish for the tenderness of companionship you always bring to me, soothing away any anxieties or stress to provide me with the tranquility within that I need to go out into the world and continue to learn, grow and experience.

I wish for all the moments of contentment where we relax and enjoy each other's company, cherishing every second that we have. When we can't be together, I wish for us to still be able to feel the unity of soul that is felt when our eyes meet from any considerable distance.

I wish for a lifetime that I get the keep loving you daily, every smile and sorrow that you experience, each laugh we share and the countless times I gaze upon your beauty. I wish to be there forever and bask in the glory that our true love creates.

I wish for a forever with you that is filled with all kinds of journeys, physical and spiritual. Where we learn together, exploring the depths of our existence and connection, diving into the unknown with our souls intertwined in a ready embrace that only gets stronger with each new experience.

I wish for all our dreams to come true, for destiny to provide us with all that we desire. To live out this poetic love that our hearts compose, now and for all eternity, until our spirits are forever intertwined.