Speedy Recovery Wishes Islamic

May Allah guide your recovery and grant you the best of health. Ameen!

We are praying to Allah to grant you a complete and speedy recovery soon! Ameen!

May Allah restore your health and bless you with the best days ahead. Ameen!

May Allah alleviate all of your pain and stress and bless you with a speedy recovery! Ameen!

May Allah bless you with strength and grace so that you may recover soon. Ameen!

Allah knows what is best for us, and is always with us in times of suffering and repentance - may Allah bless you with a full and speedy recovery. Ameen!

May the power of supplication and the abundance of du'a bring you a speedy recovery. Ameen!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we pray to Allah for your quick recovery. Ameen!

We are sending du'as for your speedy recovery and complete wellbeing. Ameen!

May Allah grant you the fortitude and strength to endure pain and discomfort, and guide you to a speedy recovery. Ameen!

May Allah grant you a swift and perfect recovery. Allahumma shifau Ben il-mohsina.

We offer our special prayers that Allah grant you a speedy recovery. Ameen

May Allah make your journey to good health a swift one. Ameen.

May Allah grant you courage and strength during this tough time. Ya Allah, shifau Ben!

May Allah bless you with good health and grant you a complete recovery soon. Ameen

May Allah grant you relief from your ailments and grant you a quick recovery. Allahumma shifau Ben il-mohsina!

Inshallah, may Allah grant you patience and strength during this time of illness. Ya Allah, shifau Ben!

We seek Allah's guidance and mercy upon you and grant you a speedy recovery. Allahumma shifau Ben!

Inshallah, may Allah restore your health soon and grant you a speedy recovery. Ameen!

We pray to Allah that He grants you patience and strength in this tough time. Ya Allah, shifau Ben!

May AllahSWT grant you a full and speedy recovery from your current ailment. There is a great blessing and healing in reading Quran as it is a healing for all kinds of hatred, stress, diseases. May AllahSWT shower His abundance of rewards and blessings on you for getting well soon, Ameen.

We pray to AllahSWT to easily lift up your sorrows and fill your heart with all the happiness that this world can give. May HeSWT grant you good health, tranquility and well-being. May this recovery be of a peaceful stance and strength. Ameen.

Let us ask the Almighty AllahSWT to shower His divine blessings on you and wish for your hasty recovery. May HeSWT shower His abundance of mercy on you and grant a stream of healing energy into your soul allowing your body to heal quickly from this illness. Ameen.

Har Ash-Shaafi, Har Khaafiya, Har Raafiya AllahSWT grant you speedy recovery and blissful health. May AllahSWT make the progress easier for you and grant you the strength to sail through it with strong courage and your fighting spirit. Ameen.

We pray to AllahSWT to grant you an emotional strength that will help you calm your heart and grant you a quick recovery with a positive mindset. May He grant you the strength needed to pass through the hardship associated with treatment with peace and serenity. Ameen.

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, In the name of AllahSWT the most Beneficent and Merciful saviour and Healer, we pray for your quick and full recovery. May HeSWT grant you patience and courage during this difficult time of illness. Ameen.

Graceful Rabbul Alamin, May AllahSWT grant upon you His healing and make you feel better soon. May HeSWT heal you with His loving touch and let you take a deep breath of good health and serenity. Ameen.

Oh Rabbul Illmine, we beseech you abundantly to acknowledge our supplication and grant a blissful recovery to our beloved one. May Allah give you the courage and strength to fight through the illness and provide the best medication. Ameen.

May AllahSWT grant us the understanding of His Mercy, the Inner Light of His guidance, the solace of His blessing, and the security of His protection. May Allah's benevolent hands grant a secure and hasty recovery to our loved one full of all good health and grace. Ameen.

Almighty AllahSWT knows about our inner psychological state and our physical health, we ask Him to tear down the veil of illness and grant you a joyful and blissful recovery from this physical and mental turmoil. Ameen.

May Allah give you a speedy and complete recovery from your illness. May He shower you with His mercy and bestow upon you a life full of health and happiness. Ameen.

May Allah ease your suffering, and heal you of your ailment. May He grant you a full recovery soon and generously show you His mercy. Ameen.

May Allah bless you with good health and healing. May the power of Allah's love restore you to full health and strengthen you in spirit. Ameen.

May Allah bring you comfort and peace in this time of illness. May He bring you back to health soon, and relieve you of all pain and discomfort. Ameen.

We make dua for your quick recovery. May Allah ease your pains, look after you and heal you from all ailments, and grant you a speedy recovery. Ameen.

May Allah surround you in His mercy and compassion, and grant relief to your body, heart and soul. May He grant you a speedy recovery and be with you throughout your journey. Ameen.

We ask Allah to grant you a speedy healing. May He help you to find comfort and relief, and may He restore you to good health soon. Ameen.

We pray that Allah lightens the burden of your illness and guides you to a swift recovery. May He bring you healing and peace and bless you with good health. Ameen.

May Allah’s divine protection and mercy surround you and your family. May He restore your health and keep you in His continual care and mercy. Ameen.

May Allah make this time of ill health short, may He heal you soon and keep you safe. May He bless you with strength and energy and a speedy recovery. Ameen.