Speedy Recovery Wishes Funny

May your hospital stay be short and your recovery time even shorter - you've got places to go and people to see!

Wishing you a short wait in the doctor's office and a long life ahead of you!

May each day you get closer to a full and speedy recovery.

Wishing you a speedy recovery - I hope you're feeling better soon!

Hope you're discharged soon so I can visit!

May you be home and healthy in a flash!

Wishing drugs and needles could miraculously heal you faster. Let's keep dreaming. Get well soon!

It's time to kick this problem to the curb and enjoy a full recovery.

The sooner you make a full recovery, the sooner you can provide brilliant insights for us all.

Not sure what's wrong with you...but I do wish you to get well soon!

Hey there, speedy healing from this nasty illness! Now that you have a good reason to take a break, make sure to use it and get the rest you need.

Recharge your body's battery and get back to 100% in no time! Speedy recovery and hope you'll be back on your feet soon.

Hope your recovery is going faster than a screaming cheetah, so you can be up and about in no time! Speedy recovery!

I hope you'll recover faster than lightning and be back up and running soon. Speedy healing!

We all send healing hugs your way to help you get well soon. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

We miss you! Hoping all the medicine and rest does the trick and you make a quick recovery!

We know you're a great fighter, so just keep fighting the good fight and you'll be in good shape in no time. Wishing you all the best for a speedy recovery!

heal faster than a band-aide so you can start smiling again soon! Here's to a speedy recovery!

The doctors have spoken and the outlook is good. Don't worry, you'll make a full recovery in no time! Get well soon!

Sending you lots of get well soon vibes to help you feel better quickly! Speedy recovery!

May you get back to your normal speed soon so that nobody has to slow down!

Speedy recovery? The better question is 'Do you want to get better faster than the speed of light?'

You don't need to break the sound barrier to get better, just take care of yourself!

Wishing you wings so you can fly to full recovery in no time!

Wishing on a shooting star for your speedy recovery and all your other wishes to come true!

May your recovery be as fast as a bullet, let nothing slow you down on your way to full health!

May the universe speed up the recovery process for you!

Look out world, here comes a super charged recovery!

May the odds be ever in your favor for a super speedy recovery!

Don't worry about your recovery time, I'm sure you'll be back on your feet in the blink of an eye!

Hope you Danny boy feel better soon! Get up those feet and boogie your way to a full recovery. From one friend to another, feel better real soon! Cheers!

May your recovery be as speedy as Usain Bolt! Tired of being couch-bound? Come on, shake it off and get ready to hop and speed up your recovery!

Life is like driving a car - a smooth ride can only be achieved if the engine is running well, so gear up and get roaring back to recovery!

Good things come to those who wait - but why wait? We all want you to feel fine soon! Hop on the recovery train and get to the station before you know it!

No matter the hurdles, may you stay resilient and bounce back! Every misstep on your recovery journey is actually an opportunity to heal better. Have a speedy recovery!

Though we're having to keep our distance, I'm sending positive thoughts your way for speedy recovery. If illness were a race, you'd surely win! Feel better soon!

Here's to you and a speedy recovery! Why? Because we need you! The world needs you to be well and healthy! So do what you have to do and get back to feeling like you own the world.

Life isn't always easy, but recovery doesn't have to be hard. So don't worry, take care of yourself and enjoy the process of getting back to your finest self. Feel better real soon!

Wishing you the best for a full and speedy recovery. Keep your chin up and even if it takes awhile, beacon your inner strength to recognize the amazing power of healing. Get well soon!

Take care of you and get well soon! Remember, the road to recovery isn't easy but with the right attitude and determination, you can be on the mend soon! Here's to a speedy recovery!

May you recover quickly so you can return to all your shenanigans!

You have some healing to do, and then more fun to come!

You have one job—get better! We can’t wait for your speedy return.

Healing vibes for a speedy recovery!

Time to get back in the saddle ASAP.

May the healing process go as quickly as possible so you can get back to living life to the fullest!

Hoping you're back in tip-top shape soon!

Here's wishing you a fast and full recovery!

We’re crossing our fingers for a full and speedy recovery!

From Ache-ville to Feel-great Town, wishing you a speedy recovery!