Recovery Wishes Definition

I wish for a full and lasting recovery for all living things that have been suffering.

I wish for a compassionate and understanding recovery support environment for all those dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

I wish for recovery from mental health issues, inclusing depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD.

I wish for a steady return to physical health and wellness for all everywhere, including those living with chronic illness and disability.

I wish for supportive and caring relationships for all people in and out of recovery.

I wish for deep inner peace and joy for all in recovery.

I wish for financial, and job security for all people in recovery.

I wish for a reconciliation of relationships for all people affected by substance abuse and addiction.

I wish for the strength and courage needed to continue the journey of recovery.

I wish for a fresh start that can be enjoyed on a daily basis with new outlooks and attitudes.

I wish for the courage to face my struggles and take ownership of my recovery journey

I wish I could find the strength to better manage my emotional and mental health

I wish I had the tools to process stress in healthy ways

I wish I could move beyond my comfort zone and create new experiences

I wish I could recognize and respect the emotional boundaries of others

I wish I could learn to trust my intuition and make decisions based on a healthy self-image

I wish I could communicate my needs in a positive, safe way

I wish I could find an outlet for my feelings and learn to talk through my issues

I wish I could find ways to control negative self-talk and thoughts

I wish I could trust that I can make sustainable progress towards my recovery goals

I wish for a speedy recovery from all physical and emotional ailments that have been plaguing you and bringing you discomfort.

I wish you lots of rest, relaxation, and healing during this difficult time and hope that rest and comfort will fill your days.

I wish for you to feel refreshed and energized as you make strides through this difficult situation. I am wishing for strength and positivity for you to help you through this.

I am wishing that you find comfort through any friends, family, and loved ones who can support you in whatever way possible.

I am wishing for the healing power of Nature to be with you through this challenging time and to instill with you a sense of calm and serenity.

I am sending healing energy and light your way and hope that these can be of help in your recovery.

I am hoping that whatever treatments and therapies you are receiving can help support your recovery, give you strength and make you feel better soon.

I am wishing that medical and mental health professionals can provide you the support you need during your recovery journey.

I am wishing that you find moments of joy during this challenging time and that these moments can give you strength and comfort.

I sincerely hope that you recover quickly, become healthy again, and find the strength to carry on with your journey.

May you find strength to overcome all difficult moments you are facing.

May you find peace and serenity to guide you through this difficult time.

May you feel the warmth of support from those around you.

May you find the wisdom to make the right decisions.

May you grow from this experience with resilience and courage.

May you feel calm and relaxed as you go through this process.

May you focus on the positive outcomes and expect the best.

May you realise that you are in control of your own life.

May you have the strength to take a break and find time to rest.

May you feel safe and surrounded by love at all times.