True Love Wishes

May the joy and love of true love always stay and bring us closer together.

I wish that true love will always find its way to us and that we can enjoy life together.

I wish for us to find true and everlasting love and build a beautiful future on this foundation.

My wish is that we will never forget the pure feeling of love that we share and that it continues to grow stronger with time.

I wish that no matter what life throws our way, true love will always remain the one constant for us.

I hope that we will never take for granted the blessings of true love that we share and that it will always be our bond.

May we never stop getting to know each other and finding perfection in our little moments of true love.

I wish that our hearts will always be intertwined and that when we lean on each other it will be with the same unconditional love.

Let our true love last for eternity and our bond never break, no matter what life holds for us.

I wish that we can continue this beautiful journey of love and together explore all life has to offer.

I wish for your love and touch to always remain a warm and tender memory that brings moments of pleasure all throughout the years.

I wish that our love flourishes into an invaluable asset that can never be taken away from us.

I wish that something inside our hearts makes us feel that we belong together forever.

I wish that every morning we will wake up with a smile that never fades away, no matter what life throws at us.

I wish that we never let any distance or silly quarrel come between us and stay connected like a strong bond of trust.

I wish for you to know that regardless of the circumstances that life brings, I will always remain faithful to you.

I wish that we may always remain inseparable through thick and thin, no matter what life may bring our way.

I wish for us to never give up finding the strength to make it through and cherish the moments of joy and happiness that come in-between difficult times.

I wish for us to always be kind and supportive towards each other and never forget to express our love in words, no matter how busy life gets.

I wish for us to forever remain a team - with a heart that always beats together as one through the rhythm of our true love.

May you always have the courage to speak your truth and the wisdom to find the words to express it. May your love always be full of passion and joy, no matter how tough life gets. May you continue to be each other's greatest support system, and have the strength to both give and receive love unconditionally. May you never tire of discovering each other and deepening the trust of your relationship. May you always make time for each other, even if it's only a few minutes a day to share a hug or kind word. May you always remain best friends and have the strength to work through any differences that arise. May your love for each other never fade or lessen, but rather grow every day. May each moment together be filled with excitement and intimacy, along with the knowledge that you truly can make it through anything. Lastly, may each sweet moment between you remind you that true love can overcome all obstacles love can bring.

May the fire of love in your hearts always burn strong and burn long, for better or worse, as long as you both live. May you never forget how to love and to receive love in return. May the beauty of your bond always astound those around you. May your relationship be a safe haven for both of you, where you can seasonally come home to reconnect and to heal. May you both always feel supported, accepted and unconditionally loved. May you forever find joy in the little moments together and still feel excited when you are apart. May you both never get too comfortable in the routine of the relationship, but continue to strive to strengthen the connection between the two of you. May you always be free to be your true selves around each other, without fear of judgement or criticism.

May you both create memories and moments of joy that will last a lifetime. May your relationship be a source of joy and inspiration for others around you. May your love constantly remind you why you picked the other and may your commitment to togetherness be sealed by the love you have for each other. May your trust sustain your relationship and may even your difficult moments be remembered by the warmth and understanding that you share. May you be forever blessed with a relationship that works on love, growth, and mutual respect. May you intuitively know the other's unspoken needs without ever having to ask, while keeping each other's hearts safe and secure. May the universe always bless your relationship with peace, harmony, and joy.

May your connection be your safe refuge and sanctuary, but never stagnate. May you both never take each other for granted, or forget the importance of communicating openly. May you use your bond to gain strength in moments of loneliness. May you always be honest and true with each other and learn to forgive the inevitable flaws and mistakes. May you both make time to nurture your bond so it never loses its spark. May understanding and warmth continue to weave its way around your relationship, and may the closeness of your partnership only deepen with time. May the love in your relationship bring both of you much respect and admiration. Lastly, may your relationship never become a burden but rather the source of strength, comfort and inspiration in your lives.

May your love always lead you further along the path of understanding. May it act as a beacon of light when you are feeling lost. May your bond inspire you to challenge yourselves and to step outside of your comfort zone. May it be a source of strength and healing, helping you both to grow together. May it bring with it the courage and assurance to trust in each other, and help you both to never give up hope. May each moment of joy between you continue to remind you what love truly is. May you remain steadfast to each other in moments of trial, and use your love to bless each other during periods of challenge. May your admiration for each other never fade and may you always strive to become a better person in each other's presence.

May you both live with the knowledge that you are soulmates on a special, eternal journey together. May your love story be the magical path you take to reach the stars. May you never forget the importance of making time for yourselves, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. May your connection be a constant reminder that anything is possible, if only you both give it your best. May you both pour into each other the love and encouragement to take risks and follow your dreams. May each of you always feel secure and safe in the knowledge that the other has their back, no matter what. May your love be the anchor which ground you no matter how turbulent the seas and may you never forget each other's true value.

May your bond be the epitome of loyalty, companionship and togetherness. May it guide you both to be the best possible versions of yourselves. May it help you build the bridge to the deeper parts of yourselves, allowing both of you to take a dip into the depths of your souls. May your connection be the highest form of communication and partnership, and may you both not be afraid to rely on each other during life's storms. May your relationship provide the both of you infinite peace and harmony, and may it be the compass to both of your paths in life. May your relationship be a beautiful representation of the power of love and an example of what love and partnership can truly become. Together, may you both be forever blessed with the beauty and magic of true love.

May you experience pure love and unconditional acceptance. May you remain patient and compassionate with each other. May you fill your hearts with understanding and compassion. May you always show each other genuine respect and intrigue. May you both remain kind and understanding to one another. May you handle the tensions of life together in unity and maintain a strong bond of friendship. May you always be tender, honest and generous towards each other. May your love always fill the room and refresh your days. May you both remain patient when love gets tough. May your relationship always be filled with joy and passion. Last but not least, may true, unconditional love always be the reward of your relationship.

May your love always be the core of your relationship, and may you both always remain devoted. May you always look upon each other with admiration, trust and unconditional love. May your tenderness, understanding and appreciation never cease to amaze each other. May your bond never be broken, and may your love continue to grow each year. May you never forget to ask each other for help or to talk about your feelings. May your future be as bright as your today, and may you never forget the moments that spark your love for each other. May you forever be each other's faithful, loyal and loving partners through all obstacles that may come your way. May your hearts always be attuned to each other, and may you never forget the joy of being loved and loving another.