Funny Love Wishes For Him

My love for you is never-ending, so I hope this Valentine's Day never ends!

Love is sweet, but you are sweeter. I hope you have a day filled with sweetness this Valentine's Day!

This Valentine's Day I'm sending you my love, sweet kisses and bug hugs!

I hope this Valentine's Day is even better than the last one we shared together!

Love is like pizza, even when it's bad, it's still good! May your day be filled with cheesy love.

Love is like a good cup of coffee, rich and warm. Cheers to you and your love on Valentine's Day!

Humor, love and laughter, that is what I wish for you this Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is all about love, I hope that you feel my love all around you this special day.

Valentine's Day is a day to send lots of love your way, with hugs and kisses coming your way!

My heart is overflowing with love for you, may your Valentine's Day overflow with love too!

May all of your troubles be as short-lived as your love for me!

Here's to us, together and without end. May your love for me never reach its end!

My love for you is like a circle, it has no beginning and no end!

Your love makes me feel like I'm walking on air! Keep loving me and we'll keep flying together!

Here's my recipe for a perfect life: You + Me + Love = Blessedness!

My love for you is like a humor, it's too strong to ignore and never ending!

Your love for me is like a fire, never ending and can't be stopped!

My love for you will light up any dark corner, no matter how big!

Our love is like a roller coaster, together we keep on rolling, and never stopping!

I hope your love for me can help keep the world a better place, full of beauty and promise!

My wish for you is that you have all the love your heart can handle, never enough regrets to count, and a life filled with laughter so those little problems seem nothing but a whisper. I love you so much!

As I look upon the stars in the night sky, I can't help but to think of my unending love for you. You sparkle in my life like the stars in the sky, and I wish that their beauty and light will always stay with you. May your life always be full of love and laughter.

I wish you all the sunshine and rainbows in the world, filled with laughter and adventure; endless days of joy and peace; and love that will last forever. Happy Birthday, my love!

My wish for you is that you never doubt my love for you, and that whenever you think of me, it will fill you with joy. May your day be filled with laughter and love, and your life with the same!

My genuine wish for you is that you find the strength to take on the world and all its challenges and to never give up. May you find the courage to follow your dreams and the wisdom to make the right choices. I love you!

I truly wish that happiness and joy will always fill your life and that my love for you will stay with you forever. May you find the courage to pursue your goals, and the determination to turn them into reality. I love you!

My wish for you today is that you will always find time to appreciate all the little things that make life so special. May you always be surrounded by people who fill your life with warmth and friendship. I love you!

My wish for you is that the world will be filled with understanding and compassion and that you will always be loved. May you find the strength and wisdom to pursue your dreams and bring joy into your life. I love you!

My special wish for you is that your days are filled with beauty and joy and your nights with peaceful serenity and tranquility. I wish that love and laughter will always be part of your life and that you never forget how special you are. I love you!

My heart's wish for you is that you are blessed with contentment and joy and that peace will always be in your heart. May you have all the good fortune in the world and may your life be full of happiness and laughter. I love you forever!