Angel Kisses Love Wishes

My love for you is greater than the stars above, and my angel kisses are the purest expressions of my love! Be blessed with a wonderful day filled with joy, love, and happiness that lasts forever and ever.

Your beauty and love are greater than the depths of the sea, and bring magic and hope to our lives. I am so lucky to have you my angel, you are my special blessing from Heaven above.

When we are together, it is like a dream come true. I am so blessed to have you by my side, and know it is my angel kisses that fill my heart with love, joy and hope.

My love for you is so deep like the unbounded sky, I want to give you angel kisses and wish for a life populated with love and joy, where our hearts are always connected.

I want to thank you for your tenderness, unconditional love and understanding. I send you angel kisses because you are truly a guardian angel who always looks after me.

The warmth of your kisses, the gentleness of your touch and your beautiful soul make every day more special and meaningful for me. With these angel kisses I wish that our love shines brighter and brighter each day!

Your beauty radiates like the early morning sun and your kindness and strength make me feel so blessed. I love everything about you my special angel, and offer you my sweet angel kisses!

You are more precious than a thousand roses and more beautiful than the finest angel. I just want you to know I am blessed to have you and I will never stop sending you sweet angel kisses.

You have always been and will always be my one true love. With these angel kisses, I wish that our love will fill our hearts with joy and love forever.

I am so fortunate to have the most wonderful angel in my world, and it is always so filled with love and magic when I am with you. I am sending you all my love and angel kisses with this wish!

May angel kisses fill your days with love and kindness, and may they bring a special light to your life.

May angel kisses bring you an abundance of love, joy and happiness that stays with you forever.

Let the angel kisses of love bring you to a wonderful place of pure contentment and joy.

I hope the angel kisses of love shine down on you and fill your life with a bright and gorgeous light.

May angel kisses sweep through your life and fill your being with a dazzling sparkle of love that never fades.

May the angel kisses of love fill your life with a beautiful harmony of joy and peace.

May the angel kisses that bless your life bring with them the power to make all your dreams come true.

May each and every angel kiss of love that blesses your life bring with it a special magic you can enjoy forever.

May angel kisses of love guide you through life and protect you from harm and unhappiness.

Let angel kisses bring you hope, joy, and the peace of knowing your life is truly blessed by love.

My dearest love, let me shower you with angel kisses from the sky tonight. May your soul be filled with the warmth of love and your heart be bathed in its light. May your spirit soar with joy and my love comforts you from within. May me and you together are always entwined in a loving embrace, united in divine harmony, smiling in pure bliss. Let every thought be blessed by a sprinkling of angel kisses from me to you.

May your night be filled with sweet dreams from me to you, illuminated by rays of love. May you see angel kisses high in the sky elegantly beautiful in luminous white. So close your eyes and dream of me, let us dance in a celestial paradise mesmerized by angel kisses from the heavens above. With my love may you be fulfilled by the peaceful tranquility of life eternal.

As the moon rises up above, I want to bestow on you all my true love, sending angel kisses of hope and faith, onto all the depths of your heart. May my angel kisses always keep you safe and my love forever remain within your soul. May you feel the warmth of my passion, wherever life takes us, together.

Let the gentle morning breeze hug us with peace and tranquility, and the magical night stars guide us with messages of power and harmony. As we lay beneath the stars together, let us feel the sweet bliss of angel kisses uniting us. Let us be immersed in its intensity of love and find each other anew everyday.

The power of love will be illuminated alive within me, and I will always give to you all that I have, for me and you are one and the same. Our hearts will be sealed with angel kisses from the angelic realm and I want you to know that you can have whatever your heart desires. To feel the radiating rays of hope that you can always reach for the sky.

Let the glow of our love be lit up in the heavens lit by angel kisses. Our hearts will beat as one, with each second of eternity, for love is the reason why we are here. I want the power of angel kisses to blissfully merge us into an unconditional sense of love and security and that we will always find each other in a sea of love overflowing.

Let me embrace you with my caring arms and take you away from this world, so we can explore a place full of beauty and fragrant scents of joy. Together, we will feel the divine presence of angels as they shower us with their blessings of angel kisses, forever more.

Let my love reignite the spark of your inner soul and together we will shine with the light of passion. May our words never be unspoken, for I want you to be able to feel angel kisses all the time. Together, we will feel the sacredness of connecting souls and understand the true meaning of harmony.

Let us dance through a magical night, and together feel the love of angel kisses showering us in pure ecstasy. I want to be joined in perfect unity, for you and I as one, intertwined in the beauty of love everlasting. May my feelings for you be displayed, shinning like a star amongst the skies of love.

My sweet love, let us journey together through the galaxies, towards a divine love that will never end. I will always be here for you, steadied by angel kisses of joy and hope for a future encased in peace and unity. Let us travel to the stars, leaving a trillion kisses like shooting stars from my love to yours. Always.