Good Luck New Job Wishes Funny

Good Luck New Job Wishes Funny

May your new job bring you buckets of joy and overflowing success!

You've worked hard to earn this opportunity - may you make the most of it!

Break a leg in your new job! May you outperform every expectation!

Here's to you reaching all your goals and scaling higher success.

Your competitors can run, but they can't hide from your brillinace!

May the stars of success align in your favour in your upcoming adventure!

Stick with the best players in the game - that's you!

Be the one who leaves the competition in the dust!

Luck has nothing to do with success. You make your own fate!

You are bravely writing your destiny with this new job. Congratulations!

May you have a fantastic boss, super colleagues and plenty of good-luck promotions in your new job! It would be wonderful to see you climb the corporate ladder of success to greater heights. Have a blessed and prosperous career!

As you embark on a new job journey may you taste the sweetest of success every single day! Sending best wishes for a bright and prosperous future ahead in your new job!

Warmest best wishes for your new job. May you reach the highest of success in your new job without any hassles. Have a wonderful and fulfilling career!

Here’s wishing you continuous success, lots of moments for fun and an overdose of happiness in your new job. May your new work life give you all the joy and excitement that you are hoping for! Congrats!

As you are starting a new phase of life in your new job, may you have a calendar full of pleasant surprises everyday! Wishing you loads of good luck for a long and smooth sailing career!

As you start this new job today, I am sure you will experience growth and success you’ll be proud of. May you have many moments of joy and happiness in this new opportunity. All the very best!

Going to a new job can be daunting, however it can also be a chance to find something better. Here’s wishing you all the luck and hope you soar higher than ever before. Make your mark in your new job!

Wishing you continuous sunshine today and all the days ahead as you start this new job. May you excel in all your endeavors and find success in no time! Congrats and all the very best!

As you join this new job, may you find the happiness of success in the simple joys of every new milestone. Wishing you joy and prosperity in your new career! Congrats and all the very best!

Wishing you the most joyous of beginnings in your new job. May each new day bring forth new opportunities that are in tune with your goals and aspirations. Let success be your companion in this new journey! Congrats!

As your new job opportunity unfurls in front of you, may you be filled with optimism, courage, and confidence! Wishing you the best of luck!

Just as a butterfly starts its life by breaking out from the cocoon, may your foray into this new role signify success, growth, and transformation! Wishing you luck!

This is not just the start of a new job, but a chance for you to shine and be the rock star you always knew you could be! Be brave and courageous! Good luck!

Take risks and be determined! May this new role present you with situations that empower you and bring out the winner in you! All the best!

We are all rooting for your success! May you understand the nuances of the new job and come out unscathed and victorious! Best of luck!

The world beckons, and you have the key to unlock great storehouses of knowledge, opportunities, and wisdom. May you be successful and have a lucky start with the new job!

Courage is what it takes to move ahead in life, and I know you have it in you and will make the most out of this job. Wishing you the best of luck!

May the little birds singing around your window wish you the very best of luck and success in your brand new job! All the best!

In your new role, may you experience the joy and thrill of success, and immense satisfaction in achieving it! Wishing you luck!

May the next milestone in your career be as lucky as this one! Good luck as you start this new job! May you stay inspired and passionate!