Sweet Good Night Wishes

As the stars twinkle in the night sky, may your sleep be filled with sweet dreams,

Have a blessed evening and sweet dreams for a better tomorrow.

As you drift off to sleep may the angels tuck you in and watch over you throughout the night.

May your sleep be quiet and peaceful and all your worries leave with the night.

Goodnight sweetheart, may your dreams be filled with love and laughter.

Let the peace of the night envelope you for a restful sleep and happy tomorrow.

Make a wish upon the stars and dream of brighter tomorrows, good night and sweet dreams to you!

As you close your eyes for the night, may you be reassured that tomorrow will be alright.

As the day fades away and the night sets in, may the sweetest dreams fill your head with no fear of night.

Wishing you peace, love, and sweet rest as you drift off to sleep this evening.

Wish someone believed in the night as much as they believe in the day. May your sleep be as sweet as it can be and the end of this day be just the start of a wonderful tomorrow. Good night my friend and have sweet dreams!

It is a time to rest and reset your mind. Forget all your worries and just let yourself be in the moment. Good night my friend. Wishing you a restful and peaceful sleep.

The night is here to allow us to dream big and fly high, to be whoever we were meant to be. May you have a peaceful night, sleep like a baby, and have a wonderful start to a brand new day tomorrow. Good night, take care my friend!

As the day says goodbye night awaits us with a promise to bring us safely to the morning light. Embrace the beauty of the night and take with you its gifts: energy, patience and joy. Sleep tight my friend!

One special wish just for you: may all of your dreams come true. Dreams create the beauty of tomorrow and bring back memories of today. Sweet dreams beautiful friend! Have a restful sleep and good night.

As the beautiful night sets in, relax your mind and wrap yourself in plenty of hugs and pleasant dreams. May your pillow be extra comfy and the stars shine a bit brighter for you. Good night my friend!

Night brings peace and tranquility to those who are willing to see and feel it. May this lovely night make you feel comfort and be gentle to you. Good night my friend and sleep tight under the stars.

When the night falls, it is a time to take a well needed break. Go to your dreams and leave your worries behind. May the little stars keep you safe and guide your way. Have a beautiful night filled with sweet dreams! Good night!

Let the night be as beautiful and serene as your eyes. May you have a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and energized. Sweet dreams dear friend! Night, night!

Dream big, smile wide and keep kindness in your heart. Hold tight to the things that you believe in and let them guide you in your sleep. Have a pleasant night full of cozy dreams. Sleep tight! Good night my friend!

Good night, sweet dreams and have a peaceful restful night!

I pray to God for your good sleep and blessed morning!

Have a perfect night filled with wonderful dreams!

As you drift off to sleep, may you have a peaceful night and sweet dreams!

May the stars guard you and your sleep be deep and dreamless!

I hope the night envelops you in its arms and carries you off to a wondrous dreamland!

Wishing you a restful sleep on this beautiful night!

Gone the light of day; and come the night of restful sleep!

Let the dreams of today drift away into the paradise of tomorrow!

Goodnight and pleasant dreams to you!