Sending Good Night Wishes

Have sweet dream tonight and good night! May your sleep be blissful and your morning bring joy and happiness.

Wishing you a peaceful good night and pleasant tomorrow. May your sleep be deep and pleasant.

May the night bring you serenity, restfulness and sweet dreams. Good night and sleep tight.

Close your eyes and drift away into a peaceful night full of sweet dreams and relaxation. Good night.

May the stars light up your dreams and your tomorrow bring you joy. Have a wonderful good night and sweet dreams.

This night may bring comfort and peace to you. Have a good night and sleep tight.

May this night calm your restless heart and bring you a dream that brings you a fresh start. Good night.

Wishing you a night full of stars, moonlight and sweet dreams. Have a good and restful night.

Sleep tight, dream away, everything will be alright when you wake up tomorrow. Good night.

Tomorrow will be better if you are well-rested. Have a good night and a peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams.

Wishing you a night of peaceful rest, may your slumber be at ease and may your dreams be sweet. Sweet dreams and goodnight.

Goodnight my sweet friend, may you drift off to peaceful sleep filled with dreams of love and light. May you wake feeling refreshed and revived.

As the stars come out and the darkness unfolds, may you find comfort in the quiet moments of this night. Goodnight and sweet dreams!

Tonight may your sleep be guided by the stars and blessings of the Universe, grant you a night of deep and pleasant rest. Sweet dreams.

As you close your eyes and drift off to slumber, may your worries and troubles be locked away until the morning sun. Rest well my friend.

Goodnight my friend, may tranquility and serenity make for a rest filled with deep sleep and peaceful dreams. May you wake feeling renewed.

Wishing you a magical night, free from any troubles and worries, so that you may enjoy a deep, relaxing and restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

Goodnight my friend, may the night wrap its arms around you and grant you many hours of peaceful, blissful rest. May you wake feeling refreshed and energized.

As you drift off to dreamland, let the days events slowly drift away in the backs of your mind in search of a more inviting thought. Sweet dreams and goodnight.

Goodnight my friend, may your slumber be full of dreams of calmness, joy, and contentment. May you wake feeling rested and ready to conquer whatever the day brings.

I hope that your sleep tonight is as peaceful and beautiful as you. Sweet dreams and good night!

Sleep tight. Here's wishing you pleasant dreams and a restful sleep tonight. Sweet dreams!

Let go of all of your worries and stresses. May tomorrow bring you better days. Sweet dreams!

Relax your mind and know that you are thought of when the night's sky is lit. Good night!

The night is the time to look back over the day’s activities, relax, and prepare for a good rest. Sweet dreams!

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the good dreams will come deep. Good night!

I hope the night time blissfully surrounds you. Here's to a beautiful night of restful sleep. Sweet dreams!

Look outside, the stars are saying you to have a peaceful sleep. Good night and sweet dreams!

May your pillow be soft and your rest be long. Sweet dreams and good night!

Let the moonlight guide your way through dark and starry sky. Sweet dreams and good night!