Romantic Good Night Wishes

Good night my love, I hope you sleep peacefully and dream of all the wonderful things our future together holds. I love you infinitely.

I love you more than anything and I'm wishing you a good night of sweet dreams. You're my everything, now and forever.

Though we may be miles apart, my love for you is still strong. I'm sending you sweet dreams and wishes for a beautiful tomorrow. Have a good night, my love.

I'm sending you my love across the distance and praying for the sweetest of dreams. Have a beautiful night, my darling.

As night comes and the stars come out, I'm sending lots of love to my one and only. Have a peaceful night and sweet dreams, my love.

My love, no matter the distance, I am always with you in my thoughts and in my heart. Have a good night and sweet dreams my love.

As darkness falls, I wanted to let you know how much I love you. I wish you a peaceful night and sweet dreams, my love.

Sweet dreams, my love. You are always in my heart, no matter how far we are apart. Good night and I love you.

Good night, my love. I hope this night brings you peaceful dreams, gentle snuggles, and perhaps a little kiss. I love you.

Good night my love. My love for you a forever burning flame in my heart. Have a peaceful night and sweet dreams.

I'm sending the stars and the moon to your bedside, to wish you a sweet and peaceful good night.

Sleep well and dream of the wonderful things to come in the days ahead. Have a beautiful night, my love.

As you drift off to sleep, let my love wrap around you like a warm and comforting hug. Sweet dreams, my love.

My night is never complete without thinking of you. May sweet dreams and peaceful sleep find you tonight.

Thinking of you is the highlight of my day no matter how good or stressful it was. Have a wonderful night, my love.

You have brought so much joy to my life. I wish you all the best as you rest for tomorrow. Have a peaceful night, my love.

No matter how far apart we are, I'm sending you all the love and comfort in the world. Sweet dreams and good night.

As you close your eyes, let all your worries drift away. May you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for tomorrow. Good night.

Thank you for being a part of my life. I hope you enjoy the beauty of the darkness, so you can wake up feeling recharged. Have a restful night, my love.

I'm sending you lots of hugs and kiss, along with my love and tenderness. Have a good night, my sweetheart.

Good night my love! May the sweetest dreams be yours this evening, filled with peace and joy and all your heart desires. I love you.

Good night to the most wonderful being on earth! May you float to sleep on a pillow of sweet dreams. I hope in the morning the sun is bright just like your beautiful smile.

Sending you lots of love and sweet wishes for a restful night sleep. May the stars sing heavenly melodies and the moon give you many sweet dreams, my love!

As you close your eyes and drift away, just remember that I am here for you, always and forever! Sweet dreams my love.

Good night to the one that makes my world go round. I hope tonight you drift off to sleep peacefully, deeply surrounded by my love for you.

I hope tonight’s kisses reach you in your sleep. Sweet dreams! I love you with all my heart and soul.

Good night to the one I’ll love forever. May your sleep be full of sweet dreams and beautiful visions of the future that we will create together.

Good night sweetheart, I hope you feel the warmth of my love in your sleep. May you wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day!

Sending lots of gentle hugs and lots of sweet dreams your way. Sleep tight my love, I will see you soon.

A sweet good night wish filled with love just for you. I love you now and always and I pray that you have a wonderful night of sleep!