Horror Good Night Wishes

Sleep with one eye open tonight—for you never know what type of ghouls and monsters lurk in the shadows awaiting their turn to scare you in your sleep.

May your sleep be cursed with the haunting shadows of the demons that crawl in the darkness of night.

Have a night dripping with terror—for what awaits you in the depths of horror might just make your blood run cold.

May your sleep be a night to endure full of the bumps and squeals in the dark primal depths of terror.

Let the darkness of the night consume you but beware—for something arises in those depths of horrors.

Dreams of fear will haunt you and fill your soul with dread tonight. Goodnight

When the night comes, may your dreams be filled with unspeakable horrors that will take your breath away.

Let the night be terrifyingly eerie with shadows of horror that keep you awake with fear.

When you sleep tonight, may all your nightmares come to life to haunt you until the morning light.

May the night bleed havoc and chaos—for you will find yourself lost in a never ending spiral of terror.

May you have sweet dreams full of your darkest, scariest fears that linger just below the surface of your sleeping mind. May you sleep soundly and wake in the morning to a brighter day.

May your nightmares keep you up at night, your shadows cast long and your thoughts fill with looms of dread and hopelessness. Sleep tight, but not too tight.

As the sun sets and the night draws in, beware of the shadows taking form in the darkness and let your deepest fears revive in the sinister night air. A peaceful sleep to you despite the dark terrors and monsters that lurk in the corners of the night.

Have a good night as you rest your head and close your eyes, but remain vigilant to the creepiness of the night. Sweet dreams, but beware of the evil lurking.

As the last rays of sunlight fade into the darkness of night, may the chills and thrills of horror fill your imagination and keep you from having a peaceful sleep. Have a horrible night!

As the moon ascends above the night sky, may you feel the terror growing over you. Beware the things that come alive in the night, even in your dreams, and sleep soundly beneath the blanket of nightmares and horrible visions. Good night!

Amidst the darkness of night, escape the scary dreams of witches, goblins, and monsters that lurk just below the surface of your sleeping mind. May you find rest from the terrible visions of horror that arise in the night, and have a nightmare-free sleep.

May all your sleep be filled with things terrorizing your mind. Have a goodnight as you take cover from the terrors of the night and watch out for the monsters hiding in every corner. Pleasant dreams!

As you close your eyes and lay your head to rest, may all the horrors that haunt the night bring you a restless and uncomfortable sleep. Have a peaceful and horror filled night!

Wishing you a night filled with fear and terror so intense that a single glance can fill you with dread. Sweet nightmares!

Good night and may all of the horrors you dare dream of never come to pass.

May your night be one of heart-stopping terror, and may you wake with a jump at the light of dawn.

May your sleep be disturbed only by the ghosts and ghouls that haunt your dreams.

Sleep tight, and may nothing from the depths of the dark ever step into your nightmares tonight.

Sleep well, but remember that Evil lurks in the shadows, ready to cause terror at any moment.

As you rest, may your bravery shine through the darkness and keep the horrors of the night away.

Good night and let the nightmares you fear be the only fears that follow you into the night.

Sleep tight while you can, before the darkness takes over and all of the horrors you can imagine crawl into your mind.

Gather your courage and courage and be prepared to face whatever terror may come your way tonight.

Good night and may the only monsters that dare disturb your sleep be the ones in your own imagination.