Good Night Wishes To Him

I wish you a restful sleep and sweet dreams tonight.

I hope you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

May the stars shine on you this evening and always

Sleep tight and wake up to a bright new day

May the night bring you calmness and peace

Good night and sweet dreams

May your pillow be soft, and your slumber be deep

I hope your night is restful and peaceful

Have a good sleep and pleasant dreams tonight

Good night & sleep tight!

May your sleep be peaceful tonight and may all of your dreams be sweet. Good night!

Wishing you a night of peaceful rest and sweet dreams. Good Night!

Sending special night night hugs and kisses your way. Sweet dreams! Good night!

Good night, my friend! May you sleep well and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated!

It's the end of the day, so make sure to rest your head and drift away. Good night!

Wishing you a night so peaceful and restful. I hope it leads you into sweet dreams. Good night!

The stars are shining bright and the moon is glowing. It's time to say good night and drift away. Good night!

Let your worries drift away as you lay down your head tonight. Sweet dream and good night!

As the sun sets and darkness arrives, may sweet dreams take over you. Good night!

Good night, sleep tight and may all your dreams be simply perfect! Have a pleasant sleep!

I hope you have a peaceful night of restful sleep. May your slumber be dream-filled and deep. Relax, and drift away into sweet repose. Know that in the morning, a brand new day will unfold.

Good night my love! I wish on this night that all your dreams turn into reality and all your goals and wishes come true. May each and every star of the night bring love and mirth into your life. I love you and sweet dreams for tonight!

I hope tonight you lay your head to rest with all your worries forgotten. I hope you drift off into a deep peaceful slumber and forget how stressful today felt. Have a pleasant dream and start your morning tomorrow with a new fresh outlook on life and love.

As you drift off to a deep peaceful sleep, may you wake up tomorrow morning feeling refreshed and energized. May all of your cares and anxieties wash away, and may your dreams be of sunny fields and bright blue skies.

Good night my love! I hope you have the sweetest dreams that you can possibly have. Send all your worries, doubts and anxieties away as you drift off into the blissful darkness of the night. Enjoy your sleep and wake up feeling blessed and refreshed.

Tired from the day, it’s now your time to rest. I’m hoping the night brings such sweet dreams to your soul. As you go to bed, you will always be kept in my thoughts-I love memories of you that will be out of the ordinary.

I just want you to know that as you go to bed, you are the last thought in my mind tonight. As you dream sweet dreams, you’re always in my heart and I am wishing you good night and a wonderful tomorrow.

As another day passes away, I pray that for you the night be still and filled with sweet dreams. I pray that you find comfort and peace, and that a better tomorrow will come your way. Have a sophisticated good night, my love.

Good night my love! I pray that you will have a restful sleep tonight and may all of your worries be gone when the sun shines on your face again. Have a good night and dream of wonderful things.

As you slip into deep slumber I hope that you rest well knowing that I love you and that I’m here for you always. Have a beautiful dream and rest peacefully as you wish for a better tomorrow. Good night!

I hope you have a wonderful night, full of sweet dreams and peaceful rest.

Wishing you a night that is filled with peaceful sleep and dreams of wonderful things to come.

Close your eyes and go to sleep, all the good times are yours to keep.

I wish you sweet dreams and a restful night. Good Night!

I hope you have a restful night. Sweet dreams!

I hope you sleep peacefully and wake up feeling energized and refreshed. Good night!

May you go to bed looking forward to tomorrow and wake up freshly energized with an optimistic outlook. Good night!

May the stars shine on you while you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Sweet dreams!

Have a restful night, and know that I am thinking of you.

As you close your eyes, may you find sweet dreams and rest peacefully. Good night!