Good Night Wishes For Kids

Sweet dreams little one! Have a restful sleep tonight.

Goodnight, may darling dreams be yours to keep forever.

Unplug tonight and let your beautiful mind wander to a place of happy dreams.

Sleep tight and never forget how loved and treasured you are! Have a good rest.

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and drift away to sleep in peace.

Wishing you a night of peaceful sleep with no worries or stress.

Goodnight! May the stars illuminate your dreams and your heart be filled with joy.

I hope you sleep like a log tonight! Sweet Dreams and have a good rest.

Goodnight! Here's to happy dreams and lots of restful sleep.

Go to sleep with the sunset and rise with the sun. Sleep peacefully tonight.

Good night, sweet dreams my dearest little one! May the angels protect and guard you as you drift off to sleep.

Sleep tight, little one! May your favorite teddy bear keep you snug and warm throughout the night

Let sweet slumber be upon you, sweet kid! May your dreams be beautiful and bring you joy

Sweet dreams, sweetheart! May your rest be peaceful and relaxing with vivid and happy dreams

Wishing you a good night, little one! May the stars twinkle bright above and bring you sweet and pleasant dreams

Sleep tight, darling! May your golden hair flicker in the moonlight as you drift away to the land of sweet dreams

Have a good night, kiddo! May the angels sing you lullabies and tuck you into a blanket of moonbeams

Good night, my little one! May the night be as dark and peaceful as your sweetest dreams

Rest sweetly, my little love! May your pillow be as soft as a cloud, and your dreams be as sweet as the stars in the night sky

Sweet dreams, my little angel! May the moonlight keep you safe throughout the night, and bless you with its gentle beauty

Sweet dreams little one! I hope you drift off to sleep easily as the night sky is lit with the stars and full moon. May the joy, love, and peace of the night be with you as you dream happy dreams.

Close your eyes, little one, and drift away to a night of sweet dreams. Let your sleep be restful and deep, and let your tomorrow be filled with joy, energy, and fun.

Sleep tight little one, and may your slumber be dreamy and full of sweet things. May you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for tomorrow's new adventures.

Rest well tonight, little one. Let your dreams take you away to a peaceful and happy place, and let all of your troubles float away. Have confidence that you will wake up feeling better than ever.

Oh, little one, precious and sweet. I hope your sleep is a treat and takes you away to wonderlands far and wide. May you feel safe, secure and full of love and light.

Sleep off your cares and troubles, little one. Have sweet dreams filled with stars and the moon. Let tomorrow be a fresh new start and may you dream of wonderful things to come.

Slumber away, little one. I hope the night by your side is peaceful, quiet and comfortable. May all your worries be cured by the light of tomorrow's sun.

Sleep sweetly, little one. I hope the night is filled with peace and joy, and the morning with bright sunshine and happy times. Your tomorrow will be wonderful!

Nighty night, and may sweet dreams show you a wonderful world as you drift off to sleep. Let today's worries and troubles float away and leave you feeling full of love.

Sleep easily tonight, little one. May the stars light up your dreams and fill them with pleasant surprises. May your new tomorrow be filled with hope and light.

Good night, sleep tight. Dream sweet dreams and may tomorrow be bright.

Sweet dreams of faraway places, magical charms and smiling faces.

Sleep tight, little one, and when you wake, tomorrow will bring you a beautiful brand new day.

May the stars twinkle and dreams come true. Good night, sweet one, I love you.

May your sleep be visited with the most wonderful of dreams, filling your head with happy things.

I wish that the sandman may brush away all the worries of the day and bring you nothing but pleasant dreams tonight.

When you drift off to sleep, may you be filled with peaceful dreams, and may tomorrow be the best ever it seems.

Sleep tight, dear one, and tonight imagine a magical place of which you are the one.

Good night, sweet child. Your dreams will be filled with wonders, enjoy the break, the day has been long.

May you close your eyes and be tucked in tight with stars to twinkle and guides to light the night.