Good Night Wishes For Him Take Some Rest

I hope you drift off to your dreams and have a peaceful night's sleep.

May your time asleep bring you rest and joy – Goodnight!

Go to sleep and when you wake in the morning, may you feel great peace and contentment throughout the day.

Wishing you a restful night filled with sweet dreams and peaceful sleep.

Goodnight my dearest – close your eyes and drift off to a dreamland where everything is peaceful and everything is possible.

As the night slowly creeps in, I wish you sweet slumber and peaceful rest.

Sending you gentle hugs and kisses for a good night’s sleep.

May sweet dreams envelope you throughout the night.

Good Night! Enjoy the calming peace of the night and replenish your energy for the new day ahead.

Take some rest, my friend, and have a good night's sleep!

I hope you have a restful and peaceful night sleep filled with sweet dreams of sunshine.

May you put your worries and stress to one side, and have a refreshingly restful sleep.

As you close your eyes to sleep, I hope you find solace and comfort in beautiful dreams.

Cherish this night's calmness and serenity, and may your sleep be restful and deep.

Have a blissful night of rest and relaxation, for life's toils will start anew in the morning.

My thoughts are with you as you drift off to sleep, lovely dreams to you I do keep.

The night is here and with it contentment, have a peaceful and restful sleep in this moment.

I hope all your cares drift away into the night, and take comfort in sweet dreams till morn I do write.

Close your eyes and drift off to slumber, where you will find peace and quiet slumber.

Take comfort in sweet dreams under the stars, you will find rest so you can take on tomorrow’s troubles from afar.

I hope you have a peaceful night rest and may all your worries escape you. May your heart be at ease and your soul be filled with blissful slumber. Goodnight my love.

I wish for you a peaceful night, one filled with sweet dreams from above. I hope you sleep with a smile on your face, and wake to happiness in the morning.

It has been a joy being with you today, and I am so sorry we must part. Know that I will be dreaming of you when I close my eyes tonight. Sweet dreams my love.

As you drift away to dreamland, may angels guide your way and granti you a peaceful night of rest. May your sweet dreams be wonderful and filled with light. Goodnight my love.

As the stars twinkle in the night sky and the moon glows above, I send you my goodnight love. May my good wishes embrace you as you fall asleep.

I am sending you all of my love on this beautiful night, and wishing that you have a peaceful rest. May your dreams be sweet and your morning be filled with love. Goodnight my love.

Before you close your eyes tonight, may joy and happiness fill your heart with delight. May all of your wishes come true as your rest in this peaceful night. Sweet dreams my love.

Let my heart be your shelter on this loving night, and allow my love to guide you to a peaceful rest. May you awake in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. Sweet dreams my love.

As yourelax andget some rest, let all of your worries and stress melt away into nothingness. I hope you awake feeling refreshed and filled with happiness. Goodnight my love.

Sleep tight tonight and know that I am thinking of you, wishing you a peaceful night and an energizing morning. Dreams of beauty and joy await you as you rest. Sweet dreams my love.

Good night! May your pillows be soft and your sleep be deep and restful. May your dreams bring joy and peacefulness to your heart and soul. Sweet dreams.

Warm wishes just for you at bedtime, so you may sleep soundly and peacefully. Rest well and sleep tight my dear.

Closing my eyes and sending peaceful thoughts and lovely dreams your way. Have a good night's sleep.

Take time to rest and renew your energy before morning comes. Wishing you a wonderful night of restful sleep.

Wishing you a night filled with serenity and blissful moments. May you be able to sleep soundly and peacefully throughout the night.

As a new day begins, I'm sending positive thoughts of goodnight sleep your way. Have a good night and sweet dreams.

Wish you were here to share this peaceful moment with me. Wishing you an evening of sweet slumber and passion filled dreams.

Evening is here, rest your head on the pillow for a peaceful night. Have blessed dreams with thoughts and pleasant memories.

Turn off the lights and let the stars guide you to dreamland. Have a peaceful and restful night my love.

Time to drift off to sleep with one last goodnight. Have a restful night filled with sweet dreams.