Funny Good Night Wishes

Wrap up your day with a pillow and a hug, good night and sweet dreams!

Time for some shut-eye, have a great night full of good dreams!

Make sure your dreams are delicious and nutritious, good night!

Tonight let your pillow be your best friend, good night!

Ease into your evening with a good night hug and morning of rest!

Dream of sweet things and rest like a king, good night!

Say goodbye to the sun and the moon, good night!

Sleep tight as your pillow does, have a great night!

Wake up and you'll see another day, good night!

Dive into sleep and all its joys, good night!

I hope your good night dreams are as sweet as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

Well, it’s time to drift off to dreamland, but don’t forget to count your sweet sheep before you go!

Hey there sleepy head, it’s time to close those eyes of yours for the night.

Ready, set, snooze! Good night my friend!

Fortunately, sweet dreams don’t have any calories so here’s wishing you plenty!

You need to be refreshed, so now go to bed, sweet dreams and enjoy your rest!

It’s time to turn off the lights, log off the computer, and get the sleep that you deserve.

God bless your golden pillow, and dream sweet dreams for you!

Here’s wishing that the angels protect you as you rest your head tonight

Look sharp when you wake up and let your morning turn out right!

Good night to my favorite person in the world - I hope you have the sweetest of dreams and may all your wishes come true. Have an extra special night and keep the laughter and joy alive in your heart. Sleep tight and may the stars twinkle in your sky!

Sleep away my beloved. As you do, let the moonlight sooth you and may gentle whispers of love and joy keep you company through the night. May you wake with the brightest of spirits and an energy that is unmatched. Good night!

Good night my friend! May the sandman sprinkle you with happy, restful dreams and awaken you feeling energized and ready for a day of joy and laughter. Sleep tight and count your blessings before you drift off to sleep!

Good night to you from me! May your night be filled with peaceful thoughts and sweet dreams that fill the night sky. I hope your dreams are filled with pleasant surprises and your tomorrow brings with it smiles and clues of something marvelous. Sleep well tonight.

As you rest your head and drift off into peaceful slumber, may angels sing to you a lullaby of hope and joy. Sweet dreams and good night! May your morning be filled with beauty and the sweet smell of happiness.

To the most wonderful person in my life, have a wonderful night and wake up to the wonderful morning. May all your dreams be nothing short of amazing and your tomorrow bring with it all the wonders you’re hoping for. Sweet dreams and good night!

Good night sweet knight! May the stars light your path in the night and awaken to a beautiful, joy filled tomorrow. May your dreams be of powerful possibilities and moments that fill your days with greatness beyond measure. Sleep tight.

As you drift off to peaceful sleep, may the winds of hope fill your dreams and carry with it something magical for the morning. Good night and have a restful slumber full of lovely surprises.

Good night and sweet dreams! May you awaken with renewed strength and an energetic spirit that will carry with you throughout the days and evenings ahead. Keep the laughter and joy alive in your heart and sleep tight my friend. Sweet dreams!

Good night and sleep tight! May the moonlight fill your sky with sparkling stars and fill your sleep with even more wonderful dreams and incredible hopes for tomorrow. May you awaken to an even brighter morning. Good night!

Goodnight! May you have the sweetest of dreams and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Wishing you a night full of sweet dreams! Sleep tight.

Goodnight! Have a cozy night and dream of amazing adventures!

Wishing you a night full of relaxation and rest. Sweet dreams!

Goodnight, may you drift off to peaceful sleep with sweet dreams to come true.

Sending peaceful and calming vibes your way! Goodnight buddy!

Sending light and love to help you find sweet dreams! Goodnight.

May you find your way into the land of sweet dreams! Goodnight.

Here's to a night of uninterrupted rest and sweet dreams! Goodnight!

Goodnight my friend! Let nothing but sweet dreams enter your head!