Free Good Night Wishes

Good night and sweet dreams! May your pillow be soft and the night be peaceful.

As the stars twinkle in the night sky, may you have a peaceful and restful sleep.

Sending you loads of good vibes and peaceful energy for a restful sleep to welcome a new tomorrow.

Goodnight and sweet dreams! Here’s to hoping each morning is as wonderful as you are.

Sending peace and love your way for a happy and restful sleep tonight!

Sending a gentle reminder to relax and take a deep breath before bed for a peaceful sleep.

The stars are out to play and the moon shines bright! Have a good night and sweet dreams.

Finding solace and peace in the night sky stars—wishing you goodnight and tomorrow's happiness!

Sleep tight and rest your head, 'cause tomorrow is gonna be another day full of fun!

Sleep with no fear and awake with no worries. I wish you a restful and peaceful goodnight.

I hope you have sweet dreams tonight and wake feeling refreshed in the morning. Good night!

Dream of something amazing, something funny and something that makes the morning even better. Good night!

As you go to sleep tonight, may the stars align and your dreams be full of delight. Good night!

Dreaming of sun, moon and stars is my idea of a peaceful night. Good night and sweet dreams!

Think of all the good moments and you'll have sweet dreams tonight. Wishing you a good night!

While the world is sleeping, may you have a peaceful night. Good night and have sweet dreams!

Close your eyes and think only of the positive things in life and you will have a good night's sleep. Wishing you a good night!

Relax your mind, quiet your thoughts and let your worries momentarily cease. Good night!

When the night is calm and still, may your dreams be sweet and peaceful. Good night!

Have a restful night and sweet dreams, and prepare for a day that will be full of joy and good vibes. Good night!

As you close your eyes and settle down for the night, I hope you have sweet dreams and enjoy peaceful rest. May your worries be forgotten and tomorrow be better than today, have a good night and sleep tight

Whenever your day has been full of tensions and stress, just remember that all of it will end as the night begins. Have a happy and peaceful good night's sleep

May your slumber be filled with pleasant dreams, may your pillow be filled with comfort and ease. I hope you have a great night, and I pray for you too - blessings, peace and love for you.

Tonight, I just want to say that I hope you have a good night. May you wake up to a bright brand new morning and have a joyous day ahead of you.

I hope you sleep tonight and dream of better times to come. Where worries fall away and the light of fulfilment shines on. Have a good night and pleasant dreams.

The day has come to an end, now it's time to rest and recommit. Think of all the things you've done - what worked, what didn't, and how to fix it. Good night!

Nighttime is a time to heal and free the mind from any troubles and strife. I hope you be blessed with a calm and restful sleep and wake up to a beautiful morning, refreshed and alive.

The darkness of night will soon be gone, the chill of the winter will soon be gone. And the worries of today will fade away, until tomorrow brings a bright and new day. Have a peaceful good night sleep

As the stars twinkle up in the sky, may your dreams be as beautiful and will take you to a peaceful sanctuary you can find. Have a great night and an even better tomorrow.

May the light of the moon and stars bring you peace and serenity. As you drift off to dreamland, I hope that you get plenty of rest and that your moments in dreams are pleasant and happy. Have a great night!

May the stars twinkle brightly above you and fill your dreams with sweet slumber.

Wishing you pleasant dreams and a good night.

As night falls upon the land, it is time to dream of pleasant things. Sleep well.

A heads up to the night, let the darkness be your lullaby. Sleep peacefully.

As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Sweet dreams!

Smile while you still have teeth. Good night and sweet dreams!

Darkness cannot last forever, sweet dreams until the light of morning comes.

Good night and sweet dreams, remember that I am always here for you.

Go to sleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. Have a lovely night!

May your pillow be soft, and your rest be long. Have a peaceful good night.