Cute Baby Good Night Wishes

Sweet Dreams, little one, may your slumber be full of pleasant surprises!

Sleep tight, baby! Wishing you a blissful and restful good night!

Dream of happy things, sweetheart, and don't forget to give me a good morning hug!

Good night, munchkin! I hope you'll have sweet and peaceful dreams!

May the purest slumber be yours, little one, and may it keep you safe and warm!

Goodnight, darling - the night sky and stars are shining just for you! Sleep well!

Rest your weary head, and I hope you'll drift off into the sweetest of dreams.

Nighty night, little one! I hope you'll have pleasant dreams and wake up full of joy!

Goodnight my precious one. I hope you sleep tight and wake up full of energy!

Sleep tight, sweetheart! Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams!

Good night, sweet baby! May the moon and stars watch over you as you sleep peacefully tonight. I hope you have sweet sleep and pleasant dreams. Here's wishing you a good night's sleep!

Goodnight little one! I hope you drift off tonight to a dreamland of sunny skies, rainbows, and butterflies. Make sure to count all of the stars, dear baby, until you reach dreamland slumber. Sweet dreams!

Goodnight to the sweetest baby ever! May this night be filled with love, fun and calming dreams of the sweetest kind. May you have a restful sleep and sweet dreams of all that is kind and beautiful. Sweet dreams, baby!

Time for bed, sweet baby! May the moment you drift off to sleep be filled with wonderful dreams and restful slumber. Know that I am thinking of you and wishing you a sweet goodnight, my sweet little one!

Good night, precious baby! Sleep tight and may your dreams be filled with soft clouds, warm sunshine and happy times. May you wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed and full of energy. Sweet dreams!

Sleep well, handsome baby! May your dreams be filled with lots of love and joy, and may you awake full of energy to take on the day! Sweet dreams, my sweet one.

Goodnight, sweetheart! May you have a night of peace and serenity as you drift off to sleep. May your sweet dreams be as lovely as you and full of happiness and light. Have a peaceful sleep, darling!

Good night, beautiful baby! I hope you find yourself in a peaceful and restful sleep. May your dreams be of joy, love and warmth that will make you smile. Have a beautiful sleep, my sweet one.

Time for bed, my sweet one! May your sweet dreams take you to a beautiful world of love and happiness. May this night be just as peaceful and calming as the stars in the night sky. Sleep tight, little one!

Hope you had a great day, baby! Now it's time for you to get some rest. May you drift off soundly to a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling energized and happy. Sweet dreams, dear one!

Good night sweet little one! May your sleep be as peaceful as the stars filling up the night's sky.

Goodnight little one, it's time for your dreams. May sweet slumber come to you and stay until morning.

Dream tight sweet baby and may you wake up brighter and more cheerful than ever before.

Good night little one! May the light of the moon guide you to lovely dreams.

Sweet dreams little one! Have a peaceful and restful night, ready to face a new day.

May the stars and moon bring sweet dreams and restful sleep this night, darling baby! Good night.

A little rest for the busy little baby, who is as cute as a button. Good night and sweet dreams.

Sleep tight little one, may your dreams be filled with sweet stories and beautiful ideas.

Goodnight angel! Have a pleasant sleep, surrounded by all the love that this world can give.

Wishing a goodnight to the sweetest little one! May you have a restful sleep and wake up smiling.