Crazy Good Night Wishes

May your dreams tonight take you away to a magical place of untold adventure and end in the morning with a sunny smile!

May you drift off to the moon and sleep in a bed of stars beneath a million sparkling wishes from the heavens!

Sleep snug as a bug in a rug, dreaming of a world made of love!

Good night, sleep tight, and wake up bright and ready to make your dreams come true!

May your sleep be as sweet as an enchanted fairytale, and when the dream ends you'll be refreshed and ready to tackle another day!

A world of wonders awaits you in your dreams, and in the morning, you'll greet the day with a burst of energy!

Close your eyes and let the stars light your way through a beautiful night of sweet slumber!

May tonight begin the journey to a dream paradise and have you ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow!

Good night! May you dream of an unlimited supply of wishful thinking that will keep expanding throughout the night!

The warmth of the night may swaddle and envelope you swinging you away into a delightful sleep full of magical dreams!

May the stars gather high and twinkle brightly for you, sending you sweet wishes for a peaceful night sleep!

Wishing you a night full of dreams of amazing places, full of wonder and beauty and sweet, sweet peace.

May the night be as beautiful as the day, restful and full of tranquility, let sweet dreams be made tonight!

Let the shadows of the night envelop you like a gentle hug, a warm embrace from the day's end so you can rest in serenity.

As shadows come to darken the sky, may you find solace in the night as the darkness sets in.

Sleep easy, knowing that you are being held in the loving arms of the night, for today is at an end, and all you have to do is close your eyes and dream.

As the night sweeps across the sky, may all your worries fade away, for the night is here to bring you peace, joy and beautiful dreams.

As the night wraps itself around you, may your cares and woes be tucked away and you find moments of pure joy in the darkness of the evening.

Let the night breeze bring you clarity, freeing your mind so you can rest in the blissful embrace of the night.

Find rest and peace in the stillness of the night, for with the end of the day comes a deep sleep filled with beautiful dreams.

Wishing you a peaceful and restful night good night, may you sleep peacefully and have lots of wonderful dreams! Enjoy the quietness and relaxation of the evening hours, and have a restful sleep that will bring you energy and strength for the new day tomorrow!

Good night my friend! Sleep peacefully under the stars with the comforting thought that you are surrounded by all the people who care about you. Have a magical night, and wake up feeling good and refreshed in the morning!

Good evening and good night, may night time bring you rest, relaxation and good dreams! May the soft light of the stars light your way when night falls, and lead you to a peaceful sleep. Until the morning sun rises, sweet dreams of wonderful things!

As the evening sun sets and the moon appears, sending it's silver light across the sky, know that you are in my thoughts and sending wishes of a good night your way. Have a night of sweet dreams and peaceful rest!

Good night, sweet dreams and shining stars, may your sleep be restful and free of nightmares! Dream of all the wonderful things life has in store for you, and remember to not take anything for granted. Sleep well, my friend!

As you lay down your head tonight and drift off to sleep, may it be a time of rest and relaxation. I wish you dreamy thoughts, a peaceful sleep and wonderful dreams! Don't forget that I'm wishing you a good night!

Good night my friend, may the day pass quickly, and the night bring you sweet dreams! Let go of all the worries and tensions of the day, and go to bed rested and restored for a new day tomorrow! Sleep tight!

As the sun sets and darkness fills the sky, I'm sending peaceful wishes your way. May your night be filled with pleasant dreams, and may all your worries melt away! Have a beautiful good night, my friend!

Good night, sweet dreams and peace beyond measure! May the moon lighten your path, and the stars sparkle around you as you sleep. Have a restful night, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a marvelous day ahead!

As the night falls, I'm wrapping you up in my thoughts and sending you good night wishes. May your night be filled with sweet dreams and gentle moments of rest. May the morning bring you a day full of happiness and joy!

May the glistening stars in the sky keep your warm all night long and send you sweet dreams to last until tomorrow.

As you close your eyes and rest, may your troubles be vanished, and your journey towards peaceful sleep be never-ending.

As you settle into bed tonight, may you know that you are loved far beyond what you can imagine.

Goodnight to the most beautiful person in my life, the one with the stars in her eyes and the sunshine in her soul.

May every part of your body find relaxation and serenity throughout the night, and may tomorrow bring you joy and happiness.

May sweet dreams wash over you like a gentle stream as you drift off into a restful, peaceful sleep.

Goodnight, sleep tight, the moonlight is bright tonight!

May the stars remind you how blessed you are to be alive, and may each morning bring you more reasons to smile.

As darkness falls, may the peace of the night find you and bring you a restful sleep that will rejuvenate your soul.

May tonight be your night of deep, restful sleep to leave all your worries and stresses far away.