Common Good Night Wishes

Good night and sweet dreams!

Sleep well my friend!

Wishing you a restful and peaceful night!

Sweet dreams! Sleep tight!

Good night to the best friend I know!

May tonight be peaceful and your rest be deep!

Sending lots of positive vibes your way for a great night's sleep!

May the darkness of the night blanket you away in peace, rest and relaxation!

Goodnight! Have a wonderful sleep!

Sending you a good night kiss. Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams and restful night rest

Take care and may your slumber be blessed

Sleep tight and may your slumbers be peaceful

Safe and sound and sweet dreams all night

Restful sleep and pleasant dreams tonight

May you dream of lovely things all through the night

Goodnight and sweet dreams until morning light

Peaceful sleep and happy dream tonight

Sleep well, a peaceful and restful night

Rest easy and have a wonderful evening

I wish you a peaceful goodnight sleep and sweet dreams - may your night be dotted with restful moments that bring smiles to your face and freshness to your body. Have a wonderful night that is full of fulfilling rest!

As the night slowly kisses the day goodbye, I want you to know that I am sending you good night wishes. May the darkness of the night bring you peaceful sleep and sweet dreams - the kind filled with happy thoughts. Good night!

Goodnight my friend, may the stars outshine your dreams and you experience a night of total relaxation. May the serenity fill your night with calm and the clarity of your morning bring you peace and joy.

Goodnight! I hope you have a wonderful night filled with pleasant dreams. I’m wishing you sound sleep and pleasant awakenings - dream to sweeten your sleep and wake up with a cheerful spirit!

Before drifting off to sleep, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts. I wish you a decent night’s sleep and a life of blissful days. Goodnight to you! Have a nice & peaceful sleep!

Goodnight! I hope you enjoy a night filled with refreshing and blissful rest. As you close your eyes for the night, may all the worries and tensions of the day drift away. Have a nice, peaceful sleep!

Goodnight to the best friend ever! May the night bring you peace and blissful dreams. I hope you have a refreshing rest that will fill your body and soul with relaxed energy come morning. Sleep well, my friend!

Goodnight to you! I hope that you find a true rest tonight and may the moonlight bring with it beautiful dreams. May your dreams be blissful and bring you peace. Have a refreshing night!

Goodnight to you! May the stars aligned twinkle your night with joy and fill your heart with a sweet peace. May the night lighten up your tomorrow with clear skies and a brighter spirit. Have a wonderful night sleep!

Goodnight, sweet friend! May your night be not only filled with sweet dreams but also with the calmness that will lull you to a blissful slumber. Have a night of exceptional rest and wake up with a refreshed energy in the morning. Sweet dreams!

Sweet dreams and peaceful sleep tight. May you awake refreshed and smiling in the morning light.

May today's worries and troubles drift away with the night. Have a peaceful and restful sleep, good night!

Wishing you a beautiful night full of sweet dreams, peaceful slumber, and a stars-filled sky.

Night has spread its dark blanket over us. Let's sleep tight and morning bring new hope.

Close your eyes and make a wish. Tomorrow brings new opportunities and endless possibilities.

It's time to call it a day and drift away into a peaceful night of relaxation and rest. Good night my friend.

Goodnight to a friend who has always been there no matter what. Sweet dreams!

Night is filled with stars, even in the dark, you shine the brightest. Sweet dreams, my friend.

As every night comes, may you sleep peaceful and content. May the night be filled with pleasant dreams for a bright tomorrow.

As I lie down to sleep, I know tomorrow will be beautiful because my friend will be in it. Have a good night's rest, buddy.