Christian Good Night Wishes

May the Lord bless you and keep you through the night, so you can wake up in the morning filled with His peace and joy. Good night!

We are all the children that Jesus loves, so sleep peacefully, trusting in Him. Good night!

The grace of God is for believers to rest in, cast all your cares on the Lord. Good night!

God's light will be with you tonight as you dream sweet dreams in His love. Good night!

May the Lord enfold you within His arms, protecting you from all danger and harm. Good night!

As the night deepens may you be guarded in the shadow of His wings. Good night!

Let the sweetness of the Lord fill your heart and mind, enabling peaceful slumber. Good night!

The Lord will supply you with heavenly dreams, to bring you peace and joy. Good night!

Let the Spirit of Christ bring restful sleep and protection against all fear. Good night!

May you feel the assurance of the presence of the Lord at night and throughout the day. Good night!

May the Lord tuck you in for a peaceful rest this night, and may your dreams be filled with God's blessings.

As you go to sleep tonight, may God's loving arms enfold you and keep you in His perfect peace.

Close your eyes and drift away to a world of serenity and peace as the Lord showers you with abundant sleep.

Tonight the Lord wraps you in His loving arms no matter what may come as you drift off into a peaceful dream.

As your head hits the pillow, may God be with you as you rest your head and drift sweetly away.

Sweet dreams and know the Lord watches over you, so you need not fear, and have a restful sleep.

The Lord refreshes your soul in times of sleep, may you have peace in your thoughts and mind as you prepare for a peaceful night.

Sleep well, my friend. May your dreams be full of peace and joy and may the Lord watch over you and your family all night.

As the night sky turns to black, sleep peacefully knowing you are in good hands, with the Lord protecting you.

Let go of your anxieties knowing that you are protected by the Lord as you drift off into peaceful sleep this night.

May the love and grace that the Lord has extended to you today remain with you through the night and guide you through your dreams. Good Night, from God Bless You.

May each night be blessed with dreams inspired by God's love as we live out each day with faith in His mercy and grace. Wishing you a serene and peaceful good night, full of God's loving kindness.

As you rest through the night, may you be surrounded by the blessing and peace of the Lord, so you can awake tomorrow with renewed energies and a strengthened faith. Sweet dreams and a good night.

May spiritual peace fill your heart and may God's love keep you protected and rested throughout the night. Blessings and peace of mind be yours till morning. Good night.

The Lord bless you as you rest through the night. May His love be the guardian for you and cover you with peace and protection. Sweet dreams and restful sleep. Good Night.

As the sun sets and darkness takes over, may the Lord bathe you in His love and blessings and allow you to have a peaceful and restful sleep. Have a good night.

The day is over and it is time to reenergize for tomorrow. May the Lord renew your vigor and strength as you sleep this night. Good night and God bless you.

Rest in the peace and grace of the Lord this night and be washed in His love and mercy. Wake refreshed and with a rekindled faith to guide you in all that you do. Good Night.

May this night bring you comfort and joy and may God's presence surround you as you sleep. Sweet dreams and a good night.

As the night turns from twilight to darkness, may you be filled with the assurance of the Lord’s presence and love. Do not be afraid but trust in Him. Good night and God bless you.

May the Lord grant you a peaceful sleep and grant you a new day full of His blessings!

As you sleep may the Lord watch over your dreams and refresh your soul.

May the angels watch over you as you sleep and wish you sweet dreams this night.

May the Lord grant your heart guidelines for today and tomorrow.

May the Lord grant you strength in the morning to carry out his will.

May the Lord blanket you in His grace to protect you from the night's fearful shadows.

May the Lord renew your strength as you sleep in His wings.

May the Lord bring you restful sleep and provide the answers to your prayers

May the Lord's spirit wash over you and fill you with His peace tonight

May the Lord grant your spirit comfort and peace as you lay down to rest.