Best Funny Good Night Wishes

I hope your dreams tonight are as sweet as your snoring is loud. Goodnight!

I thought I’d send a couple of stars to brighten your night and wish you sweet dreams. Goodnight!

I hope you have a deep and restful sleep full of beautiful dreams and lots of fun! Goodnight!

I hope you have the sweetest dreams tonight and a good night's sleep! Goodnight!

I wish you a night full of peaceful rest and morning full of joy and security! Goodnight!

Tonight, I pray that angels may guard you and make sure you have sweet dreams all night. Goodnight!

May the stars of the night sky twinkle above you and guide you to dreamland. Goodnight!

I hope you have a sound sleep until the next morning! Dream a little dream and have a great sleep! Goodnight!

Dreams are like the stars, they twinkle in the night sky. May your night be full of sweet dreams! Goodnight!

Let go of all the worries and have a good night rest. If you need any help dream-catchers here to help! Goodnight!

Tonight, sleep tight and dream of all the sweet things you can do tomorrow!

Dream big, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Tonight, close your eyes and imagine a world of sweet dreams.

Close your eyes and enter the sweet world of dreams. Good night!

Time to book your flight and take a trip to dreamland. Sweet dreams!

Good night! Visit dreamland to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Here's to a night of sweet dreams and wishing for an even sweeter tomorrow!

Dream of amazing places, people, and things tonight! Sleep well!

Don't count sheep, count sweet dreams! Have a good night sleep!

Close your eyes and dream away to the land of sweet dreams! Sleep tight!

Good night and sweet dreams! May your pillow be soft, and your rest be long. May tomorrow be filled with laughter and fun, and may your dreams take you on a wonderful journey. Cheers to a new day on the horizon!

As you close your eyes tonight, I hope you know that you are loved by so many and you are doing the best you can do. May the stars twinkle and watch over you as you rest, and tomorrow may bring a beautiful, bright and wonderful new day!

The day is over and it is time for bed. May your dreams and wishes come true tonight, and may you be surrounded by peace and happiness as you drift off to sleep. Sweet dreams and good night, my friend!

Wishing you a night filled with sweet dreams, laughter, and relaxation! May tomorrow be a day of joy and contentment, and may all your worries disappear. Sleep well, my friend, and I will see you soon!

As the day out, the sun shall set, and your bed awaits you with a cozy, warm embrace. As you drift off to sleep, may you be filled with peace and contentment, and may your dreams be filled with joy and wonderful surprises!

Stars twinkle in the night sky, reminding us that dreams come true. As you drift off to sleep tonight, may your wishes for a better tomorrow come true. Have a beautiful night and sweet dreams, my friend!

Time to say goodbye to today and hello to a new tomorrow. May your night be peaceful and restful, and may the sun greet you with a beautiful new day. Good night!

As night falls, may it take away all of your worries and troubles. May you have a restful and peaceful night, filled with sweet dreams and a brighter tomorrow. Have a good night and many sweet dreams!

Take some time tonight to relax and unwind. May you experience a peaceful and restful night of sleep, and may the new day bring you new energy and excitement. Sweet dreams and good night!

No matter how difficult the day may have seemed, remember that it is time for a new start. May your night be filled with peace and calmness, and may the sun bring new happiness and joy to you. Good night and sweet dreams!

Good Night, sleep tight and wake up with a bright smile. May the stars of the night protect you and the angels watch over you. Have a peaceful night!

As the sun bids farewell to the day, keep your worries aside and snuggle in your cosy bed and get some rest. Good night!

May you dream of sweet things and wake up with a smile on your face. Wishing you a night of silence and an angel to watch over you. Good Night!

Let thank God for another day well spent. May tomorrow bring more blessings to you. Have a Wonderful sleep. Good Night!

Go ahead and turn off the lights, dream of beautiful things, because you deserve the sweetest of dreams. Good Night!

The stars are shining brightly, go ahead and make your wish. May your troubles be out of sight. Good Night and sweet dreams!

Good Night! Don’t forget to count some stars while you’re dreaming. I hope this night brings you restful sleep for tomorrow is a new day to explore new adventures!

As you go to sleep, remember to thank God for another day spent and the new opportunity of tomorrow. Have a wonderful night. Good Night!

May the light of the night bring joy and laughter to your heart. May the sweet dreams of an angel give you a pleasant night. Have a Good Night sweetheart!

Go ahead and drift off to dreamland, and sleep like a baby. Have a Good Night filled with sweet dreams!