123 Greetings Good Night Wishes

Have a peaceful sleep tonight and may tomorrow bring lots of joy and smile your way

Good Night my love, may your sleep be filled with pleasant dreams

Rest your head and relax your mind, wish you a sweet Good Night

Keep your worries away, close your eyes and be ready to dreamland for sweet dreams

Wishing you a very Good Night and a pleasant tomorrow full of success and joy

Lay your head on your pillow, close your eyes and just forget it all, Good Night and sweet dreams

May you sleep like a feather floating in the air, flying wherever the soft wind takes you, Good Night

Take a break and rest now, so that you can wake up fresh tomorrow and start your day full of smiles, Good Night

Let the stars and the moonlight all your worries away, have a peaceful Good Night sleep

Good Night my love, save some of those beautiful smiles for me tomorrow

I sincerely hope you have a wonderfully peaceful night, where you can fully relax and find repose. Wishing you a restful sleep filled with lovely sweet dreams and a happily ever good night! 123

As the winds blow softly on this peaceful night, I hope it serves as a reminder that you are never alone. Wishing you a blissful slumber and a heavenly good night. 123

Whenever the night is feeling a bit too long, close your eyes and think of me. I'm wishing you an amazing night full of cheer and happiness. Good night and sweet dreams! 123

Farewell to this day and hello to the sweetest of dreams tonight. Wishing you a peaceful and restorative night with plenty of comfort until the morning light. Good night! 123

With a starlit sky above and the gentle night breeze, I'm sending you all my love to give you a blissful night's sleep. Have a wonderfully relaxing night and may all your dreams come true. Good night! 123

As the night comes down like a beautiful curtain, I'm wishing you sweet dreams with happiness and pleasure. Have a soothing night and I hope you wake up feeling ready to take on the day. Good night! 123

The dark night has arrived to give you a good night's sleep. May the stars watch over you until morning, may your dreams come sweet and may each new day be better than the last. Good night and sleep well! 123

The night brings darkness but soon it will be followed by the sweet morning light. A new day of promise awaits you, ready to be filled with sunshine and happiness. May you have a restful night and a good night's sleep. 123

Wishing you a blissful night's sleep, where you dream of happy moments and find comfort under the stars. Sweet dreams of warmth and joy, until that glorious morning light. Sleep tight and good night! 123

Good night and goodbye to this beautiful day. Soon it will be time for bed, where your dreams are sure to take you away. Wishing you contentment and peace and of course, sweet dreams! 123

Good night and sweet dreams! May your sleep be gentle and refreshing.

Sleep tight, and may all your dreams and wishes come true tonight.

Good night sweet dreams my friends. May you rest peacefully this night.

Let the stars and moon bring you sweet dreams and peace with them tonight.

May the little stars and moons of tonight bring you a good night of sound sleep.

Warmest wishes for a restful night and sweet dreams to you!

May all of your troubles pass away as the night comes and brings a new day.

Sending you lots of love and good wishes this night as you rest.

Wish you the peace of night, a calm sea, a bright morning, and sweet dreams!

May the moonlight and starlight pour down on your sleeping face and fill your heart with joy through the night.