Funny Friendship Wishes Poerty In Facebook

Roses are red,Violets are blue,You are my friend and I love you!

My life would be incomplete,Without my wonderful friend so sweet,Let's get together again soon,Before the moon and stars swoon!

It's not the treasure, nor the pleasure,But of true friends I measure,A life fulfilled and so much fun,For kin and friends I'm proud to have won!

Friends may come and go,But true ones stay like a glow,Laughter that never fades away,So many things I have to say!

It's not the rain nor the sun,That makes this world so fun,But the presence of wonderful friends,That make it so much more endurends!

What is a true friend?One in a million, that's a trend!A love that never fades,One who puts your interests first grade!

Without friends, life would be a stage,That no one would want to engage,Lucky to have you as a part,Which completes the friendship art!

A life without a friend,It is like a path without an end,Friendship is an awesome thing,That makes our life more cling!

Friendship is fun,Without friends I'd feel undone,In life's misery and gladness,Dear friends will always come to the rescue in distress!

A life without friendship, Is like a ship without a rudder, Dash away all your worries, With the help of your best buddies!

Let's celebrate this special friendship day, My special friend, with nothing to say; With warmth in our hearts for so long we've held, Let's express them out loud, make them all be felt. So I wish for you, for a day so bright, Filled with joy and great delight; A good day of peace and love shared, Peace from all of the world and be cared. Let us always be like this forever happy, Through life's struggles and journey's nasty; No matter what life throws our way, Be the rock that never fades away. We will forever stay friends through the tide, Having each other as our truest guide; Friends like us, never fade away, With God's grace and a pray. Happy Friendship Day to my best friend! Which began with a bang and now no end!

A warm wish sent across the miles, Saying I am thinking of you in smiles; Thankful for the wonderful time we spent, When we were together it felt so great. Let us treasure these moments of joy, As our friendship will never be coy; Let us express our feelings of warmth, By our hearty words and no storm. Happy Friendship Day, my very best friend, Without you life will have a different end; So let's keep our friendship ever glowing, This special bond will keep forever growing! Thank you for everything my dear, Let us cherish every moment near; Forever be my friend even more, For in life you are a true soul.

Let us hold hands and stroll along, As we journey together in this life long; Thanks for being my true companion, Let us have fun without an opinion. Forget our worries and don't complain, Call it our life journey's gain; Let us enjoy every moment so fine, Fill it with joy and sunshine. Let's have the best day with laughter and cheer, The friendship we have is so sincere; Without you I am just incomplete, With you I find what I seek. Let us keep this friendship alive, Through thick and thin so it will thrive; Happy Friendship Day to my great friend, Cheers to us for friendship that will never end!

Let us lighten up with some joy and laughter, Be silly and sparkle in the sky thereafter; Life would not be so much fun, Without your friendship my dear one. Let's make this special day so unique, For you a friend, so so sweet; With happy faces and a hug so tight, Let's make this friendship so bright. You bring joy to my heart, that's for sure, Days and years may pass but our bond will endure; Happy Friendship Day to my very best friend, Here's to us for our time will never end!

Forget all sorrow, let us share some glee, As friends forever so it shall be; We have bonded so much only for so long, For our journey together we will be strong. Now let's have fun and celebrate this day, Laugh so loud and let us play; Let's have a wonderful time together, So happy Friendship Day my dear friend! No matter how far we are apart, We will always be connected from the heart; Our friendship is beautiful and divine, Let us laugh and have a good time!

A warm wish sent to a special Friend, Let us share the joy in the end; Friends like us are so hard to find, Best ever buddies our bond bind! Let us take this chance and blog, Let's cherish the moments we shared and jog; Happy Friendship Day to my dearest friend, A love like ours will never end! Let us keep our way of friendship strong, A connection that will remain no wrong; Like a thread no one can sever, Pals like us forever and ever!

Celebrate this special day to cheer, To signify our bond that won't interfere; Let us partake on this wonderful event, And have fun of our time that was so spent. We have shared laughs and weaved a lifetime of cheer, Here's a toast for our bond that will never be deer; Happy Friendship Day to my best friend, It is a bond that only time can mend!

We may have different paths to take, But the bond between us will never break; Happy Friendship Day to celebrate, My special friend, say no to hate. Let our friendship be like the stars above, It shall never fade, no matter how tough; So happy Friendship Day to the friend I love, Our mutual understanding will never be shake. Let our friendship be bright and strong, Let's have fun and no wrong; We will never have a single sturd, For our friendship is more than a word!

Let us keep the friendship alive, All day long let us never deprive; Forever be my best friend even more, Our friendship will forever be pure. Friends like us are so hard to find, Let us have quality time and unwind; Happy Friendship Day to my very best friend, Our bond together will never bend! Let's have a party and have some fun, Thank God for being two and become one; Our friendship will forever be glowing, Let us filled our day with joy and keep going!

Let us celebrate the day of our bond, Good times we have shared, swings and pond; Let's cherish the moments that we spent, Happy Friendship Day, let us be content! Let us take this chance and thank, For being there when I needed someone to bank; To a friend that I can always rely, Let us express our friendship never shy. No matter how far away we are apart, Our friendship like the stars that never part; Happy Friendship Day to you my friend, Wishing that our bond would never end!

Friendship is like a cheerful winding stream, That keeps two close who have a single dream!

Friendship's the truth that can never be told, Although it strengthens when it's hot or cold!

Best friends are like twin stars, Who sometimes shine, sometimes get far apart!

Friends are like sunshine which come and go, But the memory of them is still like a glow!

Within your heart, store happy memories, And throughout life, these will be your treasury!

A Friendship resembles a colorful garden, Where the roses of joy keep blossoming!

Friends are like the pages of a diary, On which our life's history is written, very merrily!

The times we spend together, are reasons worth remembering, Special friends like you, make life much more flourishing!

Friends are like an ocean that never ends, Keep calm and live a life of joy with your friends!

The true beauty of Friendship is seen with the heart, Which can feel the presence of a friend, even from afar!