Farewell Wishes Funny

Don't cry because it's over, smile because I hate goodbyes!

Be sure to leave with a smile because you never know who's watching!

If you're not in a rush, please stay a little longer!

Don't look at this farewell as the end, think of it as a new beginning!

You may be gone, but may your laughter never fade!

Send me a postcard when you find paradise!

Don't worry about the miles between us. Distance just makes the heart grow fonder!

I'm not saying goodbye forever, I'm just saying see you soon!

Take all the time you need, just don't forget to come back!

Friends forever, no matter how far apart we are!

Farewell my old friend, I hope wherever you are going now, it's way better than this place. Don't forget to give me your new address in Heaven so I know where to send your mail!

As you take on a different chapter of life, be sure to remember all the good times and the great moments of laughs. I'll miss the memories but they will keep us distant friends.

Sending you off with lots of love and warmth, may you continue to soar above and the occasion will be nothing but joy, smiles and lots of blessings!

Farewell my friend, may this new adventure be an opportunity to experience new knowledge and widen your horizon...And don't forget to keep in touch!

With warm wishes and hugs, so long for now! I hope the roads you take in life bring you only the best and that your heart will stay light.

Like a shooting star you'll be going far, so don't forget to leave your worries behind when you look towards the sky! Best of luck my friend, goodbye!

Farewell my dearest friend, sending you lots of bright wishes for your future, and to have good memories of us to cherish and share.

I wish you well and a happy goodbye, may the pain of saying Farewell be soon gone and distant in your memory. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may there be no more goodbye.

Farewell my friend, may the the sun shine upon you where ever you go, may colors follow you around and may laughter touch your soul. Goodbye, until we meet again!

A final goodbye to a friend that I'll never forget, take all the memories that tie us together, and may your new journey be nothing but the best! Goodbye for now!

Farewell and keep smiling, until we meet again!

Happy trails until we meet again!

Cheerio! Until next time!

Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

I know that distance may separate us, but you’ll always be in my heart!

Stay sweet and keep shining!

Goodbye for now, but I know we will talk soon!

No need saying goodbye, just see you later!

Send my love as you sail away, may we meet again some sunny day!

Bon voyage! May your horizon always be sunny!