Short Engagement Wishes

We are so happy and thrilled to hear that you two have gotten engaged! We pray that your path to a blessed marriage is filled with joy, love, and abundance. Congratulations on your wonderful union! May your hearts remain dedicated to each other through thick and thin, may you experience all the wonders life has to offer together. Have a blessed engagement!

We are so excited to hear that your engagement has been announced! We join you in celebrating the amazing journey to married life that lies ahead of you. May you and your partner experience days of joy, happiness and goodwill. As you embark on this journey together, may your love never dim and be an inspiration to others. May your home and heart be blessed with an abundance of health, joy, and long lasting, unconditional love throughout your wonderful years to come. Congratulations!

As you both get ready to embark on this amazing journey of marriage, we couldn't be happier for you! We are both so overjoyed to receive the news of your engagement. We wish you the best of luck on your holy union and may you enjoy a long and prosperous life together! We send our warmest wishes and blessings and hope you have the most wonderful and beautiful years ahead as husband and wife. Congratulations on your engagement!

A heartfelt congratulations to the two of you as you set out to begin a wonderful journey of togetherness! The news of your engagement fills us all with so much of joy. We wish for your new life together to be full of care, love and passion, and pray that these feelings between you two remain strong and true forever. We wish you a life full of laughter and bliss and send all our best wishes your way. Congratulations!

We are so lucky and humbled to be able to witness the start of your journey together! Your engagement is indeed a beautiful time and we pray it is a wonderful time of joy, peace and rejoicing for you both! Let your hearts remain connected for a lifetime and no one can take away the happiness that you have found. Blessings to the both of you for a lifetime of joy, love, and bliss. Congratulations on your engagement!

The news of your engagement is just so exciting! Congratulations to the two of you as you embark on this beautiful journey together! We sincerely wish you both nothing but the best for this long and happy marriage ahead. May you find strength and comfort in each other, may your days together be filled with an abundance of love, luck and contentment and may you always appreciate and cherish each moment you have together. Congratulations!

We are so excited to hear about your beautiful engagement and the amazing journey of a lifetime that lies ahead of you both! Our warmest wishes and lots of love go out to & the both of you on this special occasion. Through the years, may your love become stronger and may you always support each other in good times and bad. Enjoy every moment, building dreams and making memories, and bringing more joy to each other by the day. Congratulations!

The announcement of your engagement brings us deep joy and happiness! Our heartfelt well wishes go out to the both of you on this wonderful occasion. May your love never dim and your hearts remain ever connected as one. We wish you all the very best for an exciting and remarkable life together and a success in all your joint endeavours. Congratulations and happy engaging!

What an amazing and blessed union between the two of you! We are so delighted by the news of your engagement. With love and hope, we send blessings for happiness, for joy and laughter, and for lifelong happiness. Congratulations on your engagement! May this remarkable bond bring forth eternal joy and comfort throughout your journey together. Have a beautiful union and a wonderful and blessed future together!

We are filled with so much joy and enthusiasm to hear about your engagement! On this joyous occasion, we wish you two all the love and happiness in the world. We are sincerely thrilled to be part of this beautiful day and wish you a lifetime together of love, security, joy and harmony! Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy every moment of it! We are excited to watch your journey unfold together as one.

May your engagement bring you closer together and lead to a beautiful forever full of love and happiness!

Sending warm and heartfelt congratulations on this special occasion. Wishing you a lifetime of joy and happiness!

May your new journey together be full of sweet loving moments and give life to your beautiful dreams.

Hope you realize all your dreams and find immense joy and peace as a couple. Wishing you both lots of love!

Cheers to two hearts uniting! Wishing you both a lifetime of endless love and joy that never fades.

On this blissful occasion, I am wishing you years of togetherness that will be filled with contentment and joy.

Life is a beautiful journey and your engagement marks a beautiful milestone in this journey together! Congrats!

As you tie the knot today, I wish immense joy and love engulfs you and blesses your journey forever.

Congrats on taking your relationship to the next level. Wishing you a life full of happiness, joy, and unconditional love!

Sending best wishes and congratulations on this very special ocassion of your engagement! Hope you two always stay happy!