Christian Engagement Wishes

We pray that your engagement will be the beginning of a beautiful, Christ-centered journey of unconditional love and eternal commitment.

May the Father continue to bless you as you enter into this special time of life. May the Lord grant you many years of joy and memorable moments together in your marriage.

May God's love pour through your engagement and your upcoming wedding celebration.

God's blessing be upon you as you enter this new stage of your life. May you have peace and joy in undertaking this tender commitment.

Praise be to God for His fruitful answer to your prayers. May He protect and strengthen your relationship as you make this milestone in your life.

Let the Lord guide and strengthen your bond of love for the rest of your days and endow you both with His grace.

May the Lord light your path with His grace, bless your union with His love and keep you in His embrace.

Let the Lord be your companion as you grow in love and understanding in His name and for His glory.

May your joyous celebration be an expression of your faith in God's guidance and His abiding presence in your lives and in your marriage.

May God grant you peace and unity in your loving relationship as you move forward in your new life together.

As soon as you said 'yes', it was like the heavens opened and shone divine love upon the two of you. Today, your engagement marks a momentous occasion in the life of your relationship. Our sincere congratulations and warmest wishes are sent to both of you on this special day. We pray that the Lord's presence would always be close and that His mighty protection and overflowing blessings will surround your future home. May you both be encouraged and inspired by your love to be even more dedicated followers of Him. Enjoy every moment of this unforgettable journey.

Oh what a wonderful moment! Today is a joyous day as you have sealed your commitment to each other. To two beautiful souls, may the Lord bless your union with His everlasting love, joy and more than enough happiness. As you exchange vows and embark on the journey ahead, always remember to rely on God for strength, courage and guidance. He is the one that will keep the bond of both of your hearts sealed. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful life together.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Through His grace and power, two lives have been joined in this sacred union. We wish you a life filled with laughter, joy and hope as you embark on this new chapter of your life together. May the Lord protect you always and fill your hearts with His unending love. May He always look upon you with grace and keep your love strong and pure. Congratulations, and may you remain strong in your faith together.

A beautiful vow to be married - thank the Lord for this amazing blessing! We rejoice and thank the Lord for bringing two beautiful lives together on such a special day. Today marks the beginning of a wonderful journey, and your faith will be forever tested and strengthened along the way. Praying that the Lord will bless your union with great joy, peace and unending love as you both remain faithful to Him. Wishing you lots of love and blessings in your new journey together.

Sending our heartfelt congratulations on your engagement! Today is a day to celebrate and be thankful for a divine union that has been ordered and blessed by the Lord. As you enter into this journey together, may the Lord be your strength, your light and your faithful companion. May you always seek Him in all that you do; for He will provide a joyous and fulfilling union. Wishing you a long life of love and blessings.

What a special day in these two lives! Today marks a new chapter in your lives, a life promised within the grace of the Lord. His promise of joy, peace and abundance of love is an amazing blessing that will carry you both along the journey of life. Wishing that your bond of love shall forever remain strong, and may the Lord provide you with all the strength and courage you need to overcome the bumps ahead. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and blessings.

An amazing celebration it is! To this blessed union, sending our the warmest wishes for an everlasting love filled with joy and peace. May the Lord always be the cornerstone of your relationship, the base of your trust, and your constant guide in all of your decisions. May you be blessed with a happy and long-lasting marriage filled with incredible memories. Congrats on your engagement and may the Lord's love bless you both.

What a special day as two lives come together in holy matrimony. To this union, may the Lord's presence be with you both be always. As you build this new foundation of love, may His grace and mercy sustain you as you journey together through life. May you experience many years of joy and blessings, and always seek Him in each other's heart. Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness.

We are overjoyed to congratulate you on your engagement! May the almighty Lord's blessing be upon you as you both prepare to embark on an incredible new journey together. Let your faith in the Lord guide you in each of your decisions and may He be your ever-present companion as you build a strong and lasting bond of love. We wish you a beautiful future together, filled with love, joy and countless blessings.

Your love is a blessing from the Lord! We are so happy to hear news of your union and wish you an engagement that is joyous and filled with His divine love. May the Lord bring you peace and joy as you both prepare to embark on your journey together. May He be your source of comfort on the long and bumpy roads ahead and may He endure your love to remain strong and true. Congratulations and the best of luck in the days ahead.

May the Lord grant you both unfailing joy and lasting love as you step into this new chapter of your life. Congratulations on your engagement!

A huge congratulations to you both on celebrating your love in a beautiful new way! May your lives be forever intertwined.

God bless you both! As you make this commitment to each other, may God grant you much love and companionship.

May your lives be filled with love and laughter that comes from each of your commitment to each other in marriage. Congratulations!

Wishing you a lifetime of loving moments and wonderful memories on your engagement! May God grant you love and joy for years to come.

May God-given grace be the foundation of your marriage! Wishing you many blessings and love as you take this next big step in your relationship.

May love lead the way to your happy, blessed union! Wishing you both ever-growing love and joy for the years to come.

In Jesus’ name, I pray for God's amazing strength and grace to be with you both in this lovely journey of married life. May He bless your union with joy and peace.

As you embark upon your engagement and the journey of life together, may your faith in Christ be your firm anchor. Best wishes to you both!

Hearts that beat for the Lord and for each other make for a beautiful and special union. Congrats on your engagement! May God's love enfold you.