Christian Wishes For Marriage

May the love that brought you together grow and deepen over the years to come, in God’s presence.

We pray for God to grant you kindness and patience each day of your marriage as you journey together.

May you always seek forgiveness and understanding when conflicts arise in your marriage.

We ask for God to bring you joy and peace in the moments of challenge, and to be the cornerstone of your relationship.

In the spirit of God and with joyous hearts, We pray for God's blessing to rain upon your marriage.

Wishing you lots of love, laughter and joy as you explore a deeper relationship with each other.

We ask Lord to pour out his spirit each day so that your marriage remains rooted in faith.

As you start this journey of marital bliss, may God’s protection always keep you safe from sorrow.

We often lay on God’s promise that all good things come to those who wait, and may this hold true in your marriage.

God bless your union, as you embark on a journey of discovery, adventure and faith in the days to come.

May the Lord always grant you patient understanding and encourage you to persist in your marriage relationship with dedication and commitment.

May you always demonstrate mutual support and encouragement, continually lifting each other up spiritually and emotionally.

We pray that God will grant you strength to stand firm in your faith at all times, so that when times are tough you remain an example of true Christian marriage.

We ask that God will grant you humility to love sacrificially and forgive graciously. May He help you to let go of pride and always be quick to apologize and follow Christ’s example of loving in a more excellent way.

Let the power of the Holy Spirit take precedence in each decision that you make that will affect your future, so that together you can make decisions according to God's law.

We pray that the Lord abundantly provides you with abundant resources, so that you can take care of each other as well as the family you will create together.

We offer prayers that you seek God’s wisdom in all matters concerning your relationship. Prayers that He will guide you in each and every decision you make.

May your marriage be founded on spiritual growth and centered around a joyful commitment to your union. Keep Jesus at the center of it all, He will provide you with an unshakable peace and strength.

We hope that through every difficult and joyful season, that God’s divine protection and love strengthen your relationship. With God, you can tackle any problem.

We pray that God bestows upon you the grace to keep your Christian foundation strong and your beliefs deeply rooted because in that way you can enjoy the blissful and fulfilling marriage He wants for you.

May God’s love always overflow in your relationship and your hearts be filled with warmth, faith, and understanding as you start your new life together.

May the Lord pour out his grace upon you and may faith, hope, and love follow you faithfully as this union begins.

May the Lord help you through each joy and challenge of your marriage, offering strength, support, and guidance at every turn.

Let your life be an example of the love, joy, and power of sacred commitment — His forever blessing!

May God bless your marriage with many blessings and joys, sweet conversations, and lots of laughter throughout the years.

May the Lord grant you both the grace to be patient and kind in your relationship, lead each other to holiness, and be open to the gifts He gives.

I pray all that God has prepared for you in marriage be blessed abundantly and His presence guard and guide you always.

May you trust God to provide for your needs and show you the wonderful plans He has for your life.

May you both remain rooted in faith and filled with joy as you embark on this marriage adventure together.

May your marriage be a source of inspiration and a beautiful witness of Christ’s love to everyone.