Thought Catalog Gestures Boyfriend Wishes You Would Do More

Leave love notes for him around the house.

Write him a letter expressing your appreciation and love.

Surprise him with tickets to his favorite event or movie.

Plan a romantic getaway just for the two of you.

Take him out to dinner to his favorite restaurant.

Send him flowers, for no reason, just to show you care.

Make him breakfast in bed on a day when he doesn’t expect it.

Kiss him passionately, like no one else matters.

Compliment him on little things he doesn't always notice.

Say 'I love you' whenever you can, for no reason at all.

Surprise me with a romantic getaway - a few days away, just the two of us, to set time away and reconnect with each other.

Take the time to send me something sweet - flowers, a sentimental love note, or something small to show you care.

Show me that you’re willing to make sacrifices for us as a couple - commit time volunteering for a good cause or give up something of yours for the greater good of our relationship.

Plan a special evening or day for us - something that you’ve put thought and effort into, to make it extra special and unique for us as a couple.

Let me know that you are always there for me - no matter the hour of day or night, be available for me both emotionally and physically.

Listen to me and take my wants and needs as seriously as your own - be understanding and open to compromise when we don’t agree.

Help me out with simple tasks like cooking, cleaning, or taking care of day-to-day errands - showing me that I can depend on you is a telling sign of how much you love me.

Always keep your word - whether it’s a promise to me or a plan you made with others or yourself, honoring the commitment should come first and foremost.

Always go out of your way to show me that you care - go above and beyond what you usually do to let me know how much I mean to you.

Be yourself and bring the best out of me - have faith that our love is strong enough to work through our differences and appreciate me just the way I am.

Hold your hand and take a walk on the beach.

Send you a letter expressing your love.

Write you romantic poems & quotes.

Surprise you with a romantic dinner for two.

Take you on a weekend getaway.

Write you a love song and dedicate it to you.

Plan a romantic picnic in a beautiful meadow.

Invite you to join him for a night of stargazing.

Surprise you with tickets to your favorite show or concert.

Organize an old-fashioned movie night at home.