30 Gestures Your Boyfriend Wishes You Would Do More

Give him a surprise hug when you least expect it.

Send a cute text just to let him know you're thinking of him.

Surprise him with a ticket to a sporting event he's been wanting to see.

Invite him for a relaxing massage on a special night.

Go for a weekend getaway to a romantic destination.

Encourage him in his hobbies and passions.

Special morning/good night kisses.

Let him know how much you appreciate him by planning something special for him.

Send him a video of you saying sweet things about him.

Write him a love letter expressing how much you care about him.

Touch his face while talking to him and look deeply in his eyes, giving him all your attention.

Send him a sweet text message out of the blue, because you feel like it.

Rearrange your plans and devote a whole day exclusively to doing something special with him. It could be anything from movie night to a walk in the woods.

Spontaneously kiss him when he least expects it.

Put your arms around him while out with friends or family and give him a hug.

Prepare a romantic dinner without any occasion, dim the lights and surprise him.

Make him coffee or breakfast before he leaves for work.

Massage his head and shoulders when he is stressed or tired.

Pick up something he loves from the store without any reason other than expressing your love for him.

Give him an affectionate shoulder hug while expecting or doing something.

Send him a surprise love letter out of the blue.

Call him randomly to say 'I love you'.

Take him out to a romantic candlelit dinner without warning.

Give him a bouquet of his favorite flowers with a card expressing your love.

Invite him on a surprise picnic.

Write him a heartfelt love song.

Do something that he enjoys like fishing, playing sports, or going for a hike.

Give him a massage or shoulder rub to show you care.

Walk hand-in-hand together on a beach during a beautiful sunset.

Cook him his favorite meal and set up a romantic dinner at home.