Funny Belated Wishes

Happy Belated Birthday! Better late than never, now you can enjoy cake and presents twice as much!

Hope your birthday was as great as you are, better late than never!

I may be a day late, but sending best wishes for a belated birthday, hoping you had a great one!

Sending a late day birthday wish, much late than it was meant to be! Hope it was a great one!

This happy belated birthday wish comes to you, though it's a day late, hope it brightens your day!

Belated Birthday Wishes! I hope your birthday was as extraordinary as you are, even one day late!

Sending you belated birthday wishes! Better late than never for wishing you a perfectly wonderful day!

Wishing you a Happy Belated Birthday! I might be late but my wishes are the best, hope it was a great one!

Sending belated birthday wishes with lots of love and happiness...hopefully those cakes weren't too late!

A belated birthday wish coming your way with apologies for being late, hope you had an awesome one!

I hope your belated birthday was still amazing and all your wishes came true! Sorry I'm late sending this but better late than never!

A belated happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day surrounded by all your family and friends!

Your belated birthday may be late, but my special wishes are still here to be sent to you with all the best a day could bring!

Oh no, I almost forgot! A big belated happy birthday with best wishes from your BFF!

I know I'm late to wish you a happy belated birthday but here are my best wishes of success and good luck!

No matter how late it is, I'm sending my most sincere and heartfelt wishes for a spectacular belated birthday celebration!

My wishes were a little late but I'm sure they'll bring you wonderful things throughout the year! Belated happy birthday!

Better late than never! Sending you belated birthday wishes wrapped in happiness and joy for your special day!

I couldn't be there for your birthday celebration but I'm here now to send you my best wishes of luck and joy! Belated happy birthday!

Apologies for my late wishes, but here it is: a belated happy birthday with lots of love coming your way!